Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes & Updates

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Good morning, men! Please refer to the information, revisions, and Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes shown below. A fantastic idle game for experiencing the ninja world. The clan of the enemy is getting ready to use a Tailed Beasts weapon to conquer the globe. The assault threatens the ninja village. Obtain the Will of fire, become a captain, and enlist preferred Ninja companions to protect the community.

About the Ultimate Hokage Duel Game and Codes

You need to save the ninja world. Arrive and begin your journey. Create ties and unite in battle.
The globe is in a state of crisis, and the ninja world war might start at any time. Create a special team, then command it against powerful adversaries.

  • Multifaceted ninja upgrade systemnumerous ways to improve your special ninja. Here, you are able to freely pair banned juts for your ninja, elevating them to a new level.
  • Relive the action of your favourite ninja moves – Relive the real-time combat of hundreds of diverse talents. Battle in the Arena and test your might. It’s time to fight, pals!
  • Simple idle AFK gaming – You can still claim enormous AFK resources and rewards while offline. With no longer having to worry about time limiting your abilities, you may now enjoy the game in bits and pieces.
  • Join a clan and go on an adventure with a pal.Join a clan to try and make friends with other gamers. With your pals, you can invade settlements and engage in combat against the tailed beasts. There are now companions on the Ninja trek. Start your journey right away!

Game Rating:

Tap-tap – 8.0 out of 10

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Active Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes List

Codes in Ultimate Hokage Duel might be challenging, but they’re also an important part of the game. For your game to improve and to allow you to play uninterrupted, you must learn how to utilize hacks effectively. We all engage in cheating when playing games on our own terms to minimize disturbances, not because we intentionally break the rules or mean to hurt other players.

Ultimate hokage duel codes

  • 22Y386N99666 : Redeem this code and claim rewards (New)
  • 16P2844500FZ – free rewards
  • 16O2844500FZ – free rewards
  • 16B007JG5P8X – free rewards

  • HF666 – free rewards
  • HF777 – 50k EXP and more
  • HF888 – Redeem code for 200,000 Coins and More
  • 16PX1PLW28U1 – Redeem code for 200 Red Shards
  • 12Y298S99566 – Redeem code for a Sasuke & More Free Rewards

Further, we recommend you redeem the code as soon as possible, do not wait with the code to use it later with reference to the above stanza. Because, later on, you might realize that it is too late now.

The game’s developer has not released many codes recently. However, we will update this list frequently with any new codes as the developer releases them. Therefore, we request you keep this page or website bookmarked and check back later.

How do I Redeem the Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes?

In order to Redeem the Codes, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below: –

  1. Open Ultimate Hokage Duel
  2. Tap on your Avatar at the top left of your screen
  3. Tap on the Redeem button in the Settings
  4. Enter a code from our list into the text box
  5. Tap the Claim button
  6. Go to your mailbox and claim the rewards!

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

Please let us know in the comments.

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