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Skyrim Myrwatch Skyrim – A tower of unknown provenance stands deep in the middle of Hjaalmarch. Legend has it that it was once a home and hearth, erected by magicians who had deserted the College of Winterhold. But, despite its secrets, the only way to know the truth is to find a way in.

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Official Summary of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Myrwatch

Myrwatch is a new player house deep in the fens of Hjaalmarch that is secluded but luxuriously outfitted. The second floor houses a variety of exhibits that allow collectors to show off many of the interesting objects collected throughout the country. A rare staff enchanter can also be found here for those who are more magically inclined.

Master Floor

The tower comes fully furnished.

Second Floor

It has a number of crafting stations, including an oven, a staff enchanter (the only one outside of Tel Mithryn), and an “All Forge” that gives you access to crafting options that are normally only available at the Skyforge and Gunmar’s forge. The upper storey contains an indoor alchemy garden with eleven gardening plots of Fertile Soil. The property also has a lot of display cases and racks where you may keep interesting artifacts and stuff like dragon priest masks and bugs in a jar.

Skyrim Myrwatch Quest

Here are the details of the Quest for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Myrwatch Guide.

Locate and enter a mysterious tower
Quest Giver: Automatically added after purchasing the Myrwatch Creation
Reward: Access to Myrwatch
Added by:Myrwatch

Detailed Walkthrough

For ease, we have mentioned the detailed Walkthrough under The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Myrwatch Guide. When you install the Myrwatch Creation, the adventure begins automatically. It will lead you to Myrwatch, a tower on your map that has yet to be discovered. A lone levelled Chaurus guards the tower, which is located just east of Morthal. To complete the task, you must first attempt to open the closed front door.

Hans’ body was discovered nearby. Take his body and read Hans’ Journal to figure out how to get into the tower. In this sense, the journal offers some guidance:

“The hair will light the road when the eye is bathed in fire.”

Skyrim MyrwatchA fire damage spell must be cast on the eye-shaped seal on the ground in front of the entrance. If you don’t have any fire damage spells, Hans can also be plundered for a copy of Spell Tome: Flames. The ghostly apparition of a rabbit will appear once you cast the spell (or more than likely a hare, per the hint in the journal). The phantom will then hop over to a nearby magical brazier and set fire to it, creating a tower of blue energy. The tower entrance will then be unlocked by mysterious forces, according to a message.

To finish the quest and learn more about your ninja, go inside the tower.

This concludes Skyrim Myrwatch Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V Special Edition Guide.

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