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We now invite everyone to join us. To learn more about the revisions, the TapTap Heroes Code, and other significant problems, read the following sentences: “TapTap Heroes’ perfect vertical gaming experience will completely pervert your concept of typical idle RPG games,” said PocketGamer. The fourth-anniversary celebration of TapTap Heroes, the venerable idle card game that has been downloaded more than 20 million times overall, is about to begin.

About the TapTap Heroes Game and Code

[Game Introduction]:

The first strategy RPG game with multiplayer! In Den of Secrets, a multiplayer game with online players, gather heroes and resources, tactically change the idle lineup, explore, and take down strong enemies!

[Game Story]:

Freya, the queen of hell, who may seek to seize control of the entire world, was the one who gained the holy sword with the power of creation when it was rediscovered in Mystia.
On the quest for the power of creation, alliance knights, horde warriors, elf wizards, undead spirits, and heaven gods all set forth. Together with more than 500 other heroes from six separate camps, you’ll strive to thwart Freya’s schemes before they become dangerous.

Game Features:

[Easy and labor-saving, place and idling]:

Fearful of getting too exhausted? Even while you’re not online, your heroes will continue to defend you!
Additionally, there is a feature that allows you to press once to instantly collect rewards!
Every day, you can earn generous incentives!

[Six camps, rich cultivation]:

You are being awaited by more than 500 heroes from six camps. The battle power can be successfully increased by raising the hero’s level, accelerating their star awakening and evolution, rationally configuring their hero talent skills, and unlocking more awesome looks and potent talents!
Runes can increase your hero’s potential characteristics and make them stronger, while hero equipment improves the hero’s health and defence.

[Varieties of PVE gameplays]

such as Hero Expedition, Void Cage, Shadow Maze, etc., are among the many Rogue-like games.
examples that are used frequently, Den of Secrets, Planet Trial, etc. confirm that you are familiar with the heroes;
Create your own distinct area, open resource structures made of wood, gems, and other materials, adorn it, and increase its prosperity before beginning your adventure;
Unlock the potential and enhanced abilities of the familiar home.

[Global PVP competitive competition]:

Through the single-player PVP Warrior arena, the King’s arena, and finally the Legend arena, you can access the Elite arena!
Invite your friends to create a fantasy team so you may compete against people around the globe. Peak’s initial gameplay was employing tactics to pick heroes, buffs, and equipment to create teams that were assembled at random.

[Form a guild and challenge guild boss together]:

Battle alongside other guild members, take on the boss of the guild, strengthen individual technological prowess inside the guild, and gain valuable rewards!
Outstanding guild coalitions are welcome to join the War of Mana, steal resource pools, and compete for champion badges and rewards!

Additional information

  • Version – 1.0.0318
  • Updated on – 21-Sept-2022
  • Requires Android – 4.4 and up
  • Downloads – 5,000,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases – $0.99 – $99.99 per item
  • Released on – 17-May-2018
  • Offered by – Ajoy Lab Games

OnePlus DN2101

  • Version – 1.0.0318
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 440 MB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

Vivo 1718

  • Version – 1.0.0318
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 440 MB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

Redmi Note 8 Pro

  • Version – 1.0.0318
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 440 MB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Google Play Reating – 4.5 Star out of 5
  • Tap Tap Rating – 8.9 Out of 10 Star

Active TapTap Heroes Code List

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TapTap Heroes Code

  • ZCX2DUBUIPX – Redeem this gift code for 800 Gems (Valid until February 28th, 2023) (New)
  • GLEXBIVLCK5 – Redeem this gift code for 800 Gems (Valid until February 19th, 2023)
  • FEB2023KING – Redeem this gift code for 500 Gems, 5 Golden Keys, and 2 Super Wheel Coins (Valid until February 28th, 2023)

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How to use New TapTap Heroes Code?

Code in case the spelling is ambiguous. Actually, it’s quite easy! Observe a few straightforward directions.

Step 1: Open the game and click on the ‘Events’ button located at the top right corner.
Step 2: A new window will pop up, click on the ‘Special Events’ button and tap on the ‘Gift code’ button.
Step 3: Enter the TapTap Heroes codes we provided above in the ‘Please enter the gift code’ section.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Exchange’ button and you will be rewarded immediately in-game.

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