Best Shindo Life Kenjutsu Tier List & Updates

By Sapna Sehrawat •  Updated: 12/02/21

Welcome to Best Shindo Life Kenjutsu Tier List, Today we will share the Best Kenjutsu Shindo Life Characters –  which are extremely similar to Demon Slayer’s Breathing Styles. The unique skills you may utilize in the game are determined by your Kenjutsu kind.

With new Kenjutsus being introduced to the game, let’s take a look at the greatest ones you can roll for. The following is our Shindo Life Kenjutsu tier list.

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Shindo Life Kenjutsu Tier List 2022

Please find below the Classification: –

S+ TIER The best characters in the game, are easy to pick up and have a great return on investment.
S TIER Characters that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.
A TIER Good characters who lack in certain key areas make them top-tier
B TIER So-so characters, there are probably better options for your playstyle.
C TIER Ok to use these characters depending upon your playstyle.
D TIER Patrick Star.

S+ Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
S+ Tier Shiver-Kenjutsu 0.04

Shiver Kenjutsu is based on stunning abilities and is a reskin of Thunder Kenjutsu.

S Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
S Tier Blood-Moon-Kenjutsu 0.04
S Tier Moon-Kenjutsu 0.05
S Tier Thunder-Kenjutsu 0.14

A reskin of Flame Kenjutsu, Blood Moon Kenjutsu is based on burning skills.

When utilizing your weapon, Moon Kenjutsuwhich is based on AoE abilities, will add white moon-like trail.

When employing your weapon, Thunder Kenjutsu will add a yellow lighting-like trail and is dependent on stunning powers.

Shindo Life Kenjutsu Tier ListA Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
A Tier Sun-Kenjutsu 0.04

When utilizing your weapon, Sun Kenjutsu will add a radiating flame-type trail and is based on AoE abilities.

B Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
B Tier Inferno-Kenjutsu 0.04
B Tier Flame-Kenjutsu 0.1
B Tier Water-Kenjutsu 0.25

Inferno Kenjutsu is a reskin of Flame Kenjutsu and is centered on burning skills.

When utilizing your weapon, Flame Kenjutsu, which is centered on burning powers, will leave a red fire-like trail.

When utilizing your weapon, Water Kenjutsu will create a blue water-like trail and is based on multi-hit abilities.

C Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
C Tier Mist-Kenjutsu 0.14

When utilizing your weapon, Mist Kenjutsu, which is based on AoE abilities, will add a white mist-like trail.

D Tier

Tiers Kenjutsu Chance Rarity
D Tier Wind-Kenjutsu 1

When utilizing your weapon, Wind Kenjutsu, which is based on knockback skills, will add a green wind-type trail.

How to Reroll and Get New Kenjutsu in Roblox Shindo Life?

In Shindo Life, here’s how you reroll and get new Kenjutsu:

  • Begin the game.
  • Navigate to the main menu.
  • Next to the Bloodline tabs, select “Kenjutsu.”
  • Now, choose “Change-Kenjutsu.”
  • On the right, a list of all Kenjutsu will appear.
  • To roll for new Kenjutsu, click “[Randomize] 10 Spins.”
  • You’re initial reroll will be free, but subsequent rerolls will need 10 spins.
  • To obtain free spins, enter our Shindo Life Codes.

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