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Everyone is welcome to join us right now. By reading the following sentences, you can find out more about the improvements, codes, and other important issues: Settlement Survival Mods, Guide, and at last Settlement Survival Mods download way as well – A step-by-step tutorial on how to begin altering the game please follow below.

About the Game and Settlement Survival Mods

1. Getting Started

Settlement Survival modding isn’t entirely straightforward, but with a few pointers, it’s doable. Only rudimentary XML editing is available at the time of writing (2021-11-11).

That is, you can alter values and text, but you can’t add entirely new game mechanics. Even so, you may influence a lot of things by doing so. To edit files, I recommend using Notepad++.

It will recognize that you’re working with XML files and, for example, will highlight comments that you may ignore when editing the files.

To begin, go to your Settlement Survival folder by navigating to your game library, entering the game’s properties, and clicking on “browse” under “local files.”

Now go to the following location and create a new folder called “My Mods”:

Survival of Settlements

Settlement Data Survival My Mods

Then make a folder for your mod called

My Mods, use the name of your mod as the name.

Your Mod Name

“Your Mod Name” should be replaced with the name of your mod.

Your mod will require three fundamental components in the folder:

  • A ModConfig.xml contains some basic information about the mod, such as its title and description.
  • PreviewIcon.png, which will appear in the Steam Workshop as a photo.
  • A “zip Config” folder containing the changed XML files that will be used to change the game.

We’ll go through each of them in detail, but here’s what your My Mods Your Mod Name folder should look like at the end.

2. AModConfig.xml

The AModConfig.xml file contains the mod’s metadata, such as its name.

The following is what the file should include, and you just need to fill in the blanks:

— The title/name of the mod

– Explanation

– Your name under author (yes, “author” is spelled correctly in this guide)

– Modification Note

You may either build an XML file using the material below (along with your changes) or copy the file from another mod and tweak it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<UGCItemInfo xmlns:xsd="" - []  xmlns:xsi=""> - [] 
 <Title>A Mod Title</Title>
 <Des>Description of what your mod does</Des>
 <Auther>Your Name</Auther>
 <ChangeNote>Changed a thing</ChangeNote>

3. PreviewIcon.png

This is a straightforward step. A png file that will be presented in the Workshop is required.

The symbol should be 200120 pixels in size, according to the official specification. Settlement Survival Mods

4 Editing the game files

Now that everything else is in place, we can begin working on the game files themselves.

First, we’ll need to figure out where the entry we wish to change is located.

Then, given the adjustments we wish to make, we may create an XML file.

If you have trouble understanding what you need to accomplish, there will be a full example file in 4.3 that will show you the end outcomes of all the procedures. In general, it’s a good idea to have a look at other modifications and see how they operate. And, of course, if something is unclear or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.

4.1 Finding the file/entry

It’s not always clear which file an entry is in or where you need to make adjustments. Because of the way the game maintains information, it’s not always evident.

IDs are used instead of names in many files. The building Reservoir, for example, has the building ID 2036.

You may get the ID by searching for the name in the lang.xml file. This file contains the names that are displayed in the game, therefore if you search for “Reservoir” in it, you’ll easily discover the following entry:


The ID is visible at the top of that entry.

Keep in mind that buildings and technologies might have the same name, so make sure you’re looking at the ID for the correct sort of entry – building, item, technology, etc.

If you want to perform the inverse and search up the name of something based on the ID, make sure you look for the correct kind.

Once you have the ID, you can use it to locate the specific record you wish to modify. So, for example, if we wanted to change some Reservoir settings, we could now look for 2036 in the building.xml file and find the Reservoir item.

Finding what you’re searching for might be tough at times, especially if you’re not sure which file something is in. In such an instance, I’d suggest utilizing the grep tool, which allows you to search for text (such as an ID found in lang.xml) is not just one text file, but all text files in a folder.

4.2 Editing an entry

After you’ve located the file or entry, you may begin changing it. To do so, create a duplicate of the original file and place it in your mod’s IP config folder (Settlement SurvivalSettlement Survival DataMyModsYourModNamezipConfig).

There will be a lot of individual entries in the files. Every entry begins and finishes with a tag; for example, construction entries begin with and conclude with.


and finally,


You’ll know what to search for if you only look at how the first proper entry begins (ignoring comments).

Then, except for the one you want to alter, erase all other entries (or, if you’re editing many buildings, retain all the ones you want to edit). Make sure not to remove the first two lines of the file or the last line, and only delete the remaining items.

In the case of building.xml, this means ensuring that the following lines are not removed:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ArrayOfBuildingConfig xmlns:xsd="" - []  xmlns:xsi=""> - [] 

Finally, there’s this:


Only the entry (or entries) you want to change should be left in between.

You may now make the adjustments you choose. This is usually self-explanatory, but there are additional descriptions in the comments section at the beginning of a file.

This would be the crucial component, for example, if we wanted to adjust the Reservoir’s output:


As a result, both illiterate and intelligent persons automatically create 24 water. (As before, you can look up an ID in the lang.xml file to see what item it relates to.) In this situation, item ID 1001 corresponds to water, which is the reservoir’s lone output.)

You might change the ID to another item or make it generate two distinct items in addition to altering the amount of water produced.

4.3 Example file

Overall, if we aimed to double the reservoir’s output, we’d wind up with a building.xml file in our mod’s zipConfig folder that looked like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ArrayOfBuildingConfig xmlns:xsd="" - []  xmlns:xsi=""> - [] 
 <Border> </Border>

Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide Even though we just altered two numbers for educated and unskilled personnel, the whole BuildingConfig item is included:


Take notice of how the file’s opening two lines and end two lines are retained.

5. Combining mods

Because each entry in the game may only be edited by one mod, you may run into problems if you have many modifications that wish to change the same items. So, for example, our mods Simple Meat and More Fancy Food both update the listings for facilities that process meat by changing the recipes with meat. Because they both wish to alter the same entry, the game will generate an error if they are installed simultaneously.

To address this, you may create a new mod that combines the features. Food Overhaul is a mod that combines the adjustments from Simple Meat and More Fancy Food. Most of the modules’ changes don’t clash with one another, thus they may just be combined, however for the recipe changes, this mod combines the change in item ID and quantity.

6 Enabling, testing and publishing the mod

After you’ve made your adjustments, it’s time to see if they’ve taken effect.

Start the game, navigate to the mod menu, and check the box on the right to activate a mod.

One thing to bear in mind is that the game currently does not automatically reload mod files once they have been altered, even if the game is closed!

You must manually instruct the game to reload the mod files whenever you make changes to your mod, which you can do by going into the mod menu and deactivating and reenabling your mod.

Also, if you load a save game, certain adjustments will not be implemented. If you want to modify the recipes that buildings are now utilizing, for example, you’ll have to go through each one and reselect the recipes. In some circumstances, it may be required to reconstruct structures.

When you’ve finished testing your mod and are ready to/want to publish it, all you have to do is click the “publish” button in the game’s mod menu. That concludes our discussion. Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide you have created a Settlement Survival mod!

7. Updating a mod

It’s also rather simple to make extra modifications to your mod or to solve errors.

1. Make the necessary adjustments to the mod files.

2. (Optional) Update the AModConfig.xml file’s change notes to reflect the changes you made.

3. Verify that the SteamKey Str field now has the ID of your mod.

4. Hit the publish button.

If you don’t know what the mod ID is and it’s not in the file, it’s the number string at the end of the link to your mod, such as:

2644570870 is the mod ID in this case.

8 Conclusion

Many of the facts in this book were discovered by trial and error. There may be additional idiosyncrasies that we haven’t covered or aren’t aware of, but hopefully, this has provided a good overview of how to develop a Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide.

If you run into any problems, don’t be afraid to seek assistance; but, given our experiences are primarily based on playing around, we may not have all the answers either. Have fun modding!

I hope you appreciate our Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide; if there is anything we missed or if you believe we should include additional information, please let us know in the comments section below! We’ll talk again shortly.

Settlement survival mods download

To download pre-existing mods of Settlement survival please go to www. wemod .com and type Settlement Survival cheats there is an 85MB File to download for Windows. 

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