School Game Codes – v0.9 & Updates

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Good day, guys! Please see below for School Game Codes & updates, as well as some important information. For Ayano, three new 18+ events and two promoting the plot were included. 6,000 words in all were created for these occasions. Depravity, a new indicator, has also been introduced to the Ayano interaction menu. Yuki now has two new events; one is for adults (18+), and the other is promoting the plot with a girl. The length of the events is 6,000 words in total.

Now, even after you use the desire, Ayano can be offered cohabitation. The same chance also presented itself to Yuki Oota. Even if you choose the incorrect response option when you were out with her, you will still have the chance to propose cohabitation to her in the desired menu. Ayano and Yuki Oota will now actively discuss your actions and what might happen if you lived together as the journalism club tale continues.

About the Game and School Game Codes

  • A new skin tone was added for the female randomized NPCs.
  • 5 new eye colors have been added to the editor for randomized female NPCs.
  • Two new iterations of informal attire for female randomized NPCs were added.
  • A new accessory has been added for female randomized NPCs.
  • Four additional swimsuits for randomized female NPCs have been added (they wear them on the beach and sometimes in the school pool). Three more sets of underpants were additionally included.
  • Now, if you have enough close relationships with a female NPC, you can ask her to modify how she looks if you don’t like what she’s wearing.

  • The NPC has an inventory that is used to build a list of the clothing needed for the image change as well as other information.
  • The impact and information tabs have been added to the biography menu. The first one gives a numerical representation of how the character is influenced by outside forces (such as love for a particular product or social skills), while the second one shows what you know about the character.
  • The randomized NPC editor, gift menu, apparel distribution module, gift menu code, and gift menu code have all been entirely overhauled and streamlined.
  • The primary character creation menu now includes a new past.

  • Added an outline for the grocery store item that was chosen.
  • The commercial center now includes a clothing store. Its own line of gifts-worthy products is available.
  • A lot of cheats have been added to the cheat menu. A search for the NPC using its ID and transitions to various plot events are two of them.
  • you will have another chance to apply for a job at a grocery shop if you weren’t approved the first time. Additionally, the circumstances that will influence successful work prospects have emerged.
  • The school uniform editing menu has undergone a complete revamp, beginning with a new, simpler user interface and concluding with the simplest updating of new clothing. Changes were also made to the rules and requirements for putting on and taking off various garments. Depending on the customized school uniform you have created, the points required for this are gained three times more quickly.

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Status In development
Author Kaito
Genre Visual NovelRole PlayingSimulation
Tags 2DAdultDating SimEroge, SandboxSingleplayer
Languages EnglishKoreanRussian

Active School Game Codes

In School Games, codes can be tough, but they’re also a crucial aspect of the game. Learning how to make the best use of cheats is essential for improving your game and enjoying every moment without interruption. We all cheat to avoid disruptions while gaming on our own terms, not because we want to breach the rules or cause harm to others.

school game codes

v0.932 Codes

These are the codes that currently work in this version of the game

  • yuki – opens all available CGs with Yuki Oota in the gallery on the player’s PC.
  • meiko – opens all available CGs from Meiko Tsukasa in the gallery on the player’s PC.
  • ayano – opens all available CGs with Ayano Yoshida in the gallery on the player’s PC.
  • suzuki – opens all available CGs with Suzuki Matsui in the gallery on the player’s PC.
  • hitomi – opens all available CGs with Hitomi Watanabe in the gallery on the player’s PC.

  • gallery – completely cleans the gallery on the player’s PC from CGs.
  • money – gives out 10.000 in-game currency when entering.
  • energy – gives 100 energy.
  • satiety – gives 100 satiety.
  • boosty – unlocks 50 percent of new 18+ content

v0.926 Codes & v0.927 Codes

Comrade: bqmyqa

Friend: mhprjx

Best Friend: ytlmoe

v0.925 Codes

Comrade: rtwau

Friend: itpibm

Best Friend: qaojbx

v0.908 Codes

Comrade: eggto, qsgte & yeten

Friend: baryt

Hentai patch: qrcode

Further, we recommend you redeem the code as soon as possible, do not wait with the code to use it later with reference to the above stanza. Because, later on, you might realize that it is too late now.

How do I Redeem the School Game Codes – v0.921?

In order to Redeem the Codes – v0.921, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below: –

Start playing and move forward until the Locations menu appears at the bottom right. There are three options, your enablement, Patreon, and Patreon codes, you must click on Patreon codes to open the code redemption menu. Enter the code, you must write it, and click on confirm.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

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