Best Rush Royale Deck Arena 9+ (PvP)

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/27/22

Hello there, everyone! Today I will show you the Rush Royale Deck Arena 9. In Rush Royale, there are several different decks to choose from. However, in most areas, only a few decks perform better than the majority of decks. If you want to get out of Arena 8 and into Arena 9. You’ve come to the correct spot because I’ll show you how in this post. Also see, best decks for Arena 10, or Arena 11.

The current version of the game is solely based on legendaries. Legendaries outnumber commons and rares combined in the game. This leads to a slew of issues. It’s an unneeded stumbling block and barrier to entrance for new players, it severely limits the meta (particularly for the middle levels), and it’s downright dull.

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They’ve attempted to remedy this by including skills. While they’re a welcome addition to the game, they’re priced at a level that makes them even more difficult to get than legendries. They haven’t hit the target as well as fresh cards might.

Rush Royale Deck Arena 9

Rush Royale Deck Arena 9

Rush Royale Deck Arena 9 (Warrior)

It’s time for Harlequin, the game’s most powerful card, which is found in nearly every top deck and provides a great deal of versatility. You can really play with the big dogs once you have this card in your possession.

Dryad, Thunderer, Harlequin, Grindstone, Bombardier
Harlequin, Dryad, Boreas, Hex, Priestess
Executioner, Harlequin, Trapper, Corsair, Bombardier

This concludes the Rush Royale Deck Arena 9 Guide. I hope you found it useful.

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