Rush Royale Deck Arena 5 | Best PvP Cards

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/28/22

Hi there, today I will show you the Rush Royale Deck Arena 5 to earn more achievements in the game. As you earn trophies in Rush Royale, you’ll unlock new Arenas and new cards. Many of the finest decks in the game use cards that aren’t available until later Arenas. So, in Rush Royale, what’s the greatest deck to use for each Arena? We’ll go over them in detail below.

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Rush Royale Deck Arena 5

Rush Royale Deck Arena 5

Rush Royale Deck Arena 5

Arena 5’s Best Deck

You unlock a vital mana card – the Vampire – after you reach this threshold. Until we uncover stronger legendary cards in subsequent Arenas, he will be replacing Priestess.

  • Chemist or Alchemist, Bombardier, Boreas, Cold Mage, Vampire
  • Engineer, Chemist or Alchemist, Cold Mage, Bombardier, Vampire

The Alchemist is among the very first area of effect (AOE) cards you may start using in your decks, and it can make a big difference, especially early on.

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