Rush Royale Deck Arena 2 | Best PVP Cards

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/28/22

Hey there, today I will show you the Rush Royale Deck Arena 2 article, with the best cards to win the arena.

Rush Royale is rapidly gaining traction among mobile game enthusiasts. The game already has a wide range of character cards from which you may build the ideal deck for an easy triumph over the opponent. Some gamers may find it extremely difficult to design their initial decks, thus we have included the most effective Rush Royale decks in our guide.

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The most basic deck, ideal for battling in this arena. There are no special strategies, however this set involves testing all of the game’s functionality and win practically any match against low-level arena players.

Rush Royale Deck Arena 2

Rush Royale Deck Arena 2

Rush Royale Deck Arena 2

Arena 2 Best Deck

Engineer, your first Legendary and one of the game’s most powerful Epic cards, is unlocked in Arena 2. Incorporating the Engineer card into your deck will help you create one of the most powerful Arena 2 decks, which will only get stronger as you earn more cards.

  • Cold Mage, Engineer, Lightning Mage, Priestess, Reaper

Despite the fact that Frost is the first Legendary card unlocked in the game, I didn’t include it in this deck. This is due to the fact that Cold Mage is a more powerful card. You can stack crowd control (CC), so combine Frost with the Cold Mage if you truly want to slow down the foes.

It’s crucial to remember when playing Engineer that each one you connect, increases your damage. Keep this in mind since it may affect how you combine other cards.

This concludes the Rush Royale Deck Arena 2 Article. I hope you found it useful!

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