Rush Royale Deck Arena 13 PVP (Conqueror)

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/27/22

Hello there, today I will show you the Best Rush Royale Deck Arena 13. Because as you progress through the trophies in Rush Royale, you’ll unlock new Arenas and unlock new cards. Most of the ideal decks in the game use cards that are only available in higher Arenas. So, what is the best Rush Royale deck Arena 13? We’ll go over them in more detail below.

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One of the most powerful cards in the game right now is ‘Robot,’ which can only be obtained through the Royal Trials event. Because it has no arena unlock stage and is extremely powerful in most decks, we’ll only look at decks that don’t have it. Lets see the Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 13.

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13 (Conqueror)

Congratulations, you’ve completed the task. You made it all the way to the end and now have every card available to you. You’ve also just unlocked Shaman, one of the most vexing cards in the game. If you’re up against a lot of Inquisitor decks, you can start incorporating Shaman to try to counter them.

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13

Arena 13 is also where you unlock Scrapper, a newer card to the game which is included in some of the top decks.

  • Inquisitor, Chemist, Portal Keeper, Knight Statue, Scrapper
  • Harlequin, Shaman, Summoner, Engineer, Mime

This concludes the Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 13 Guide. I hope you found it useful!

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