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Everyone is welcome to join us right now. By reading the following sentences, you can find out more about the improvements, codes, and other important issues: Rush Royale Legendary Cards.

The strongest cards in the game are legendary cards. Your entire deck usually revolves around getting the most out of your legendary units because of their special skills and mechanics. The key to getting legendary items is luck. You have a chance to obtain a random legendary card each time you open a legendary chest. If you’re unlucky, you can obtain x10 of the same card in a row!

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About the Game and Rush Royale Legendary Cards


Your first legendary card will probably be given to you through the trophy ladder. With 1950 and 3950 trophies, you can get a legendary that is guaranteed. When you initially begin the game, you will receive about 30 trophies for each victory, so it may take some time until you unlock your first legendary. However, you will only encounter bots when the game first begins. Even a novice who has no prior experience with them would find them to be fairly simple. You should have no issue reaching 1950 as long as you keep track of the reasons why you lose games and are able to compensate for them with cards that work better together. For my thorough introduction to Rush Royale, go here.

Season Rewards

After achieving 103 levels in a single season as a Free-to-Play (F2P) player, you have 1 chance (three as a P2W player) to obtain a guaranteed legendary card from a legendary chest (30 days). This requires a lot of effort and dedication in a relatively short amount of time. This should be simple to achieve if you do your tasks each day. You will also get magic dust chests during the season, which you may collect to get more legendaries.

Currency Magic Dust

Opening various chests, most notably the gold chest, receiving event rewards, and seeing advertisements after PvP matches are all ways to get magic dust. Don’t anticipate them to be a rapid supply of legendary cards because it takes some time to earn magic dust. You can exchange 1000 magic dust pieces for a randomly selected legendary card in the shop.

Crystals (Premium Currency)

The store features a variety of chests that you may buy with crystals to get different kinds of cards. But I only advise spending 999 crystals to get the Archmage’s chest. This strategy dramatically increases your chances of getting a card you actually need by letting you choose from 2 random legendary cards. To view my instructions on how to use your crystals, click here.

Special Offers

As soon as you launch the app, “Exceptional Offers” (what offers are special in any game these days?) will appear on your face. These deals typically include either more expensive general legendary cards or random legendary cards.


The majority of event awards require you to finish first to ensure a legendary card.
Mirror Match, Rush for Glory, and Royal Trials are the current gaming events.
You will get more magic dust if you perform better at these competitions since your awards will increase.
A random legendary card is available in exchange for 1000 magic dust.
This does not apply to the one and only way to acquire the legendary unit Robot, the event Royal Trials.

Clan Tournament

Five clans fight it out in the Clan Tournament. To collect enough points to cross the finish line, each clan will engage in combat with one another. This is accomplished by defeating the opposition’s defenses and winning games through the clan tournament menu. Everyone who took part in the clan tournament will receive a legendary chest if your clan is the first to complete the task in the allotted seven days.

Common cards

Archer, Bombardier, Cold Mage, Fire Mage, Hunter, Lightning Mage, Poisoner, Rogue, and Thrower are some examples of common cards. Below is a complete gallery of each common card featured in Rush Royale.

Rush Royale Card List Common:

Name Unit Type Targets Rarity
Archer Damage First Common
Bombardier Debuff First Common
Cold Mage Debuff First Common
Rogue Damage First Common
Hunter Damage Random Common
Thrower Damage First Common
Poisoner Debuff First Common
Fire Mage Damage First Common
Lightning Mage Damage Random Common

Rush Royale Rare Cards List:

Name  Unit Type Target  Rarity
Alchemist Summon Random Ground Rare
Banner Support None Rare
Magic Cauldron Support None Rare
Chemist Debuff First Rare
Grindstone Support None Rare
Priestess Support First Rare
Sentry Damage First Rare
Sharpshooter Damage Max Health Rare
Zealot Damage First Rare
Rush Royale Card List

Rush Royale Card List

Rush Royale Epic Cards List:

Name Unit Type Target Rarity
Crystalmancer Damage First Epic
Engineer Damage First Epic
Mime Special First Epic
Plague Doctor Debuff First Epic
Portal Keeper Support First Epic
Portal Mage Debuff First Epic
Thunderer Damage First Epic
Vampire Support First Epic
Reaper Damage Random Epic
Wind Archer Damage First Epic
Executioner Damage First Epic
Corsair Damage Random Ground Epic

Rush Royale Legendary Cards List:

Name Unit Type Target Rarity
Boreas Damage First Legendary
Clock Of Power Support None Legendary
Demon Hunter Damage First Legendary
Demonologist Special First Legendary
Dryad Support First Legendary
Frost Debuff First Legendary
Harlequin Special First Legendary
Hex Support None Legendary
Inquisitor Damage First Legendary
Knight Statue Support None Legendary
Meteor Support First Legendary
Stasis Debuff First Legendary
Summoner Support First Legendary
Shaman Special First Legendary
Trapper Debuff First Legendary

Hero Cards

Trainer, Jay, Snowflake, Zeus, Gadget, and Trickster are the heroes’ cards. Below are listed all of their card powers. this was the list of rush royale all cards and I know many of you looking for the best common, rare, epic, and  Legendary cards in rush royale so according to me.

What is the best card in the list of All Cards in Rush Royale?

The best common card is Bombardier & Cold Mage

The best rare card in Rush royale is Chemist, Grindstone & Zealot

The best epic card in Rush royale is Engineer, Thunderer, Plague Doctor, Vampire, Executioner

The Best Legendary card in rush royale is Inquisitor, Shaman, Boreas, Harlequin, Meteor, Summoner, Dryad

This concludes the Rush Royale Card List | List of All Cards in Rush Royale.

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