Mineshaft Tycoon Redeem Codes & Updates

By Adan Karni •  Updated: 11/25/21

Good morning, Folk! For Mineshaft Tycoon Redeem codes and updates, as well as certain crucial details, please see the section below. One of Idle Miner Tycoon’s main components is the mining shafts. You use the mining shafts to extract your resources, which in turn yields Cash. Each shaft has a storage area on the left side where the elevator will pick up the cash that your miners have collected.

Every upgrade increases the total extraction, mining speed, and worker capacity. Each shaft additionally gets an extra worker at levels 10, 50, 100, 200, and 400. There can be a maximum of 6 employees. Each mine shaft can reach a height of 800 feet.

About the Mineshaft Tycoon Game and Redeem Codes

A Roblox tycoon game is called Mineshaft Tycoon. With your pickaxe, mine ores. JOIN OUR OFFICIAL ROBLOX GROUP TO EARN 1.5 times more money!

Changelog for Version 1.8

  • Support for spatial voice chat
  • A new badge was added.
  • Optimizations for mining
  • You Productions developed

Mineshaft Tycoon’s 2011 iteration served as inspiration

Game Rating & Reviews

  • 6,992 – Positive Rating 
  • 2,214 – Negative Rating

Mineshaft Tycoon Redeem Codes List

Mineshaft Tycoon’s codes can be difficult, but they’re also an essential component of the game. You need to develop excellent cheating techniques if you want to grow in your game and continue to enjoy it. When playing games on our own terms, we all utilize cheating to minimize distractions—not because we want to breach the rules or do harm to other players.Mineshaft Tycoon Codes

  • Money – Redeem Code and get $2k
  • atlastZerO – Redeem code for Gems and Gold
  • MHARelease? – Redeem code for Gems
  • Miracle – Redeem code for Gems and Gold

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How do I Redeem the Mineshaft Tycoon Redeem Codes?

a. Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Huawei at https://redeem.clicktouch.cc/wsy-us/
b. Bind your login account with your game account
i. Filling out your information server, ID, etc
ii. You have to request a 6-digit code that sends to your in-game mailbox.
c. Check your in-game mail to get the 6-digit code, then put it in the textbox.
d. Enter your gift code in the text box, then click exchange. The reward mail will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

Please remark and let us know.

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