Dragon Blade Roblox Guide 2022

By Sapna Sehrawat •  Updated: 01/22/22

Everyone is invited to join us here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial issues by reading the following sentences: Dragon Blade Roblox is an open-world role-playing game with influences from Valheim, Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda, and Minecraft. It is designed by the principal developer, FriendlyStoneGolem, of the Roblox community, Black Dog Games. Please feel free to start by clicking the “ADD NEW PAGE” or “EDIT” button at the top of any page if you’d like to contribute.

About the Game and Dragon Blade Roblox


One open-world role-playing game that was influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is called Dragon Blade.
Explore the wide areas, gather materials, make weapons and armor, and avoid the dangers you encounter.

Roblox Dragon Blade Wiki

How to gain More Inventory spaces, heart, or stamina

Purchase Lobo Shrine from the store, then construct it. Purchase torch BP to create the torch. Speak with the generated wolf after lighting the lamp in Lobo’s shrine using the torch.

Check to see whether you have the appropriate settlement level or if the blueprint is already included in your crafting recipes if you can’t locate it in the shop. For every 10 skill levels, you receive 1 point to spend.

Heart Everyone start with 3 heart
Max heart= 20
Total 17 points is spent in order to max out heart
Stamina Everyone starts with 1 stamina ring
1 stamina ring = 5 points
Max stamina ring is 5
Need 20 points for max stamina
Inventory Everyone starts with 20 slots (40 with gamepass)
1 point =5 slots (10 with pass)
max slot is 200 (400 with pass)
36 points to max out inventory

What is ore

Rocks called minerals are present all throughout the world. A device called a “Pickaxe” can be used to mine these minerals. Only the pickaxe quality can determine how much ore may be mined.

These minerals can be mined to provide ores that can be smelted to produce ingots.

Flint, bronze, iron, silver, silver, and gold

How to Make Money Roblox Dragon Blade

For those just starting out, I advise trying to purchase the shovel recipes, make the shovel, then climb a mountain and mine some stone.

In the middle of the game, you may just buy a key, farm the chest, and then sell all the materials. Simply destroy Ziggurath for those who are in the endgame if you want a 1,000 gold coin.

How to obtain the Dragon Blade 5 Star Mount

  1. Place the egg in a stable, then click the fast hatch button.
  2. 1.5k for horses and Pegasus 2000 for a dragon
  3. If you don’t fast hatch in the stable guarantee and you pay, your odds of receiving a 5-star are 1/10.

Unoccupied homes and how to enter them

What are all of the vacant homes? All around the map are scattered abandoned homes. Small chests will be inside of them; once unlocked, they will reward you with money and ruins but won’t spawn any enemies. Simply dig a tunnel underneath an abandoned house to enter it.

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