Blood Samurai 2 Codes & Updates

By Sapna Sehrawat •  Updated: 01/02/22

Hello, fellas! Please keep reading for Blood Samurai 2 codes, updates, and more. Step into Blood Samurai 2, a Roblox game about samurais, warfare, and rice harvesting (If you’re into that stuff). Explore the environment to locate trainers and new stances, as well as caverns with hidden mysteries and cities full of missions.

Assassinate your target, accompany your contractor, and wonder why the female villager’s armor has 5 stamina more than the man villager’s armor.

About the Blood Samurai 2 Game and Codes

Welcome to the Blood Samurai Wiki, a fandom dedicated to the video game “Blood Samurai 2,” which has articles, photographs, pages, and more. Explore the wiki for information about trainers, places, postures, and much more.



‘T’ – Switch Stances
‘U’ – Toggle Head Gear
‘R’ – Carry
‘C’ – Crouch
‘ALT’/‘CTRL’/‘CMD’ – Shift lock
‘SHIFT’ – Sprint
‘F’ – Block
‘Q + WASD’ – Dash
‘E’ – Equip/Unequip Sword
‘LEFT CLICK’ – Light Attack


  • Give Player Title [ADMINS] – givetitle.exact player name.exact title name
  • Turn On Title – toggletitle.1
  • Turn Off Title – toggletitle.0
  • Change Title [Required That You’ve Obtained Given Title] – changetitle.exact title name

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Positive Rating – 88K+
  • Negative Rating – 23K+

Active Blood Samurai 2 Codes List

Codes in Blood Samurai 2 are challenging, but they are also a crucial part of the game. Learning how to use hacks successfully is essential for improving your game and enjoying every minute without interruption. We all cheat in order to avoid interruptions while gaming on our own terms, not to breach the rules or cause harm to others.

blood samurai 2 codes

  • @Mxstified – Redeem the code to get a free Reward

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Steps to redeem Roblox Blood Samurai 2 Codes

To redeem Roblox Codes, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

  • Begin the game.
  • In the upper right corner, press the menu button.
  • Click the codes button at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the text field of the new window, enter the code you want to redeem.
  • To receive the free reward, click the redeem button.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

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