Roblox Arsenal Codes & Updates

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 11/01/21

Ladies and gentlemen, Please refer to the details about current modifications and Roblox Arsenal Codes below. The first-person shooter game Arsenal was developed by the ROLVe Community and is based on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arms Race game mode. The 7th Annual Bloxy Awards and Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time events both included the game.

After being updated in late 2018, the game saw a significant increase in users and visitors. The previous iteration is still playable in a game called Arsenal Archived. 

About the Game and Roblox Arsenal Codes

  • Battle your way to the top using a vast arsenal of weaponry!
  • Using a variety of fast-paced arcade weapons, from spellbooks to bazookas, you may take on the day.
  • Incorporate a vast roster of characters, melees, kill effects, skins, and more into your game by earning BattleBucks.
  • You can use the in-game conversation tag and receive 25% more BattleBucks and XP by joining the ROLVe Community group!

Game Rating:

  • Good – 4M+
  • Bad – 497K+

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Active Roblox Arsenal Codes

In Roblox Arsenal, codes might be challenging, but they are also a crucial aspect of our gameplay. For improved gameplay and uninterrupted enjoyment of every moment, learning how to utilize hacks effectively is essential. We all use cheating to avoid interruptions while playing by our own rules—not because we wish to breach the law or damage someone.

roblox arsenal codes

  • E—Redeem for a Calling Card
  • april1st2022: Use this code to earn some freebies (New)
  • xonae: Use this code to earn some freebies 
  • M3GMA: Use this code to Magma Weapon Skin 

  • Enter your Roblox ID Backwards—Redeem to be teleported to Snowy Bridge
  • ROLVE – fanboy skin 
  • wake up – Use this code to Teleport to Snowy Bridge
  • JOHN – Redeemed for the John announcer, after JOHN ROBLOX.
  • goodnight – teleport to snowy bridge
  • F00LISH – Use this code to Redeem Jackeryz Skin for FREE
  • BRUTE – Calling Card
  • xonaeday21: Exclusive Xonae Card (Expires Jan 3) 
  • HammerTime: Ban Hammer Melee Weapon 
  • the 2021 spooky code: Herobrine Delinquent skin

  • KENICOOLAWESOME – Use this code to Redeem the Ikuno Pilot skin for FREE
  • NEVERBROKEN – Use this code to Redeem Beatable Calling Card
  • POG – Use this code to Redeem 1200 Bucks for FREE
  • BLOXY – Use this code to Redeem Free Money for FREE
  • kenicookawesome
  • GARCELLO – Use this code to Redeem a Marcello skin Marcello kill effect and a emote

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How to get the Latest Roblox Arsenal Codes?

To get Latest Codes, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Begin the game.
  2. In the upper right corner, press the menu button.
  3. Click the codes button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the text field of the new window, enter the code you want to redeem.
  5. To receive the free reward, click the redeem button.

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