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We now invite everyone to join us. To learn more about the revisions, the Rise of Kingdoms Codes, and other important concerns, read the following sentences: Egypt awakens, chaos awaits.
Egypt, one of the most powerful and stylish civilizations in the world’s history joins the fray in Rise of Kingdoms:
THE EGYPTIANS—Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly sophisticated, well known for their amazing craftsmanship ranging from the great pyramids and statues to innovative weapons and technology. How will you fare with so many new resources available to you?
How will you rule Egypt? Will you allow it to fall to the Romans or will you continue the great civilization’s reign until the end of times under Cleopatra’s dutiful leadership? This time, you decide Egypt’s fate!

About the Rise of Kingdoms Game and Codes

  • 13 Distinct Cultures – Choose one of 13 historical civilizations, then lead your empire to become a powerful, unstoppable force from a small, isolated clan. You decide how to employ each civilization’s distinctive architecture, special units, and advantages to your advantage.
    With the Egyptian civilization, put your leadership abilities to the test. Fight alongside Cleopatra and her army, Thutmose III, Imhotep, and other legendary commanders to conquer the sands and begin your own centuries-long adventure.
  • Real-Time Combat – On the map, battles take place in real-time. Real RTS gameplay is possible since anyone can enter or leave combat at any time. Observe a friend being attacked in your own backyard? Send some soldiers to assist your friend, or make a surprise counterattack on the attacker’s city.
  • Continuity World Map – On a single, sizable map that is home to both players and NPCs, the whole in-game action takes place. No distinct battle screens or discrete bases. You can effortlessly switch between the global view and specific cities or barbarian outposts thanks to “infinite zoom.” Natural barriers on the map include mountain ranges, rivers, and important passes that must be taken in order to access adjoining territories.
  • Investigation & Exploration – Your entire environment is shrouded in dense fog. Send scouts to investigate this enigmatic area and find its secret treasure.
    Investigate vanished temples, barbarian strongholds, enigmatic caves, and tribal settlements to learn more about your adversaries and get ready for the decisive fight.
  • Troop Movements Without Restrictions – There are countless strategic options available when new instructions can be given to the troops at any time. Attack a rival city, then retreat and reassemble with your army from your alliance to seize a pass.
    Send troops to a nearby forest to get lumber, and have them kill a couple of barbarian clans on the way. Additionally, forces can be divided among several commanders so that you can carry out several actions at once.
  • Alliance Network – Full alliance capabilities, including officer duties, live chat with built-in translation, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more, enable players to assist one another. Alliances can enlarge their sphere of influence to increase their access to resources, seize mountain passes and barbarian outposts to fortify their position, and cooperate to unlock
  • Conquer the Kingdom – Defend this enormous kingdom with the help of your alliance. In an MMO strategy battle royale, engage in combat with other players and employ winning strategies to prevail. If you succeed, the history of your kingdom will record you and your culture!
  • RPG Commanders – Call upon a variety of historical characters that will act as your dependable commanders, from Kusunoki Masashige and Joan of Arc to Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu. Sending your commanders into battles and killing barbarians will level them up, and you can then use an RPG-style talent tree and skill system to increase their skills.

Additional information

  • Version- Varies with the device
  • Updated on – 28-Oct-2022
  • Requires Android – 4.4 and up
  • Downloads – 50,000,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases – $0.99 – $214.99 per item
  • Interactive elements – Users interact, In-game purchases (includes random items)
  • Released on – 24-May-2018
  • Offered by – LilithGames

Compatibility for your active devices

  • OnePlus DN2101
  • Version –
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 1 GB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

  • Vivo 1718
  • Version –
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 1 GB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Version –
  • Compatibility – Works on your device
  • Download size – 1 GB
  • Requires – Android 4.4 and up

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Google Play – 4.4 Out of 5 Stars
  • App Store – 4.5 out of stars

Active Rise of Kingdoms Codes List

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Rise of Kingdoms Codes

  • umis9g2q23 – Redeem this gift code for Redeem this gift code for 1x 200 Gems, 2x Silver Keys, 2x 50,000 Food, 2x 50,000 Wood (Valid until April 29th, 2023) (New)
  • ROKVICTORY – Redeem this gift code for 1 Gold Key, 30 Minute Speed Up (1), Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge

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How to use New Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

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Step 1: Open the game, Tap on the Profile button located on the top left side of the screen.
Step 2: A new window will pop up, click on the Settings button and click on the Redeem button.
Step 3: Enter the ROK codes provided above in the textarea.
Step 4: Click on the Exchange button and you will be rewarded immediately in-game.

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