All Races In Reaper 2 Guide 2022

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We welcome you everyone here. Reading the following sentences will help you understand more about the updates, codes, and other important topics: All Races In Reaper 2 We will examine each of the top races in the Reaper 2 game. A brand-new adventure game called Roblox Reaper 2 is inspired by the Bleach anime series.

All Races In Reaper 2 Guide

You are automatically allocated a certain race when the game initially begins. Additionally, a reroll mechanism is available later on in the game to alter your race.

In this game, you’ll engage in combat as either a human or a hollow in an effort to save the planet from wicked foes. Additionally, to live and advance in this Roblox game, you will need to hone your combat skills. So let’s explore this Reaper 2 best races guide in more detail.

All Races In Reaper 2 Guide

Soul Reaper

Even when they are not members of their community, Soul Reapers exist to guard the souls of others. The Soul Society is where the Soul Reapers will go if they manage to preserve their souls. As they advance in society, they get stronger and eventually join one of the 13 squads, each of which has a captain and lieutenant. Once you reach level five, the unique powers of Soul Reaper can be used.

These are the Shikai’s Reaper 2 rarity chances:

Zangetsu – 50% Chance
Wabisuke – 50% Chance
Sakanade – 34% Chance
Sode no Shirayuki – 34% Chance
Katen Kyokotsu – 12% Chance
Benihime – 12% Chance
Senbonzakura – 12% Chance
Shinso – 12% Chance
Ryujin Jakka – 4% Chance


The Quincy are living creatures that have the ability to recognize Hollows and other Souls. To create weapons, a Quincy collects Reishi from the environment and blends it with his or her Reiryoku. In areas where there are more Reishi present, they may gather this energy more readily. Quincy becomes accessible when you achieve level 25 or above in the game.


The souls of the deceased reside in hollows. Instead, they have transformed into ghosts and become devoured by their regrets. They finally change into a masked beast with an apparent heartless hole in their chest. You need to finish all three stages to move on to the next race. The first stage, Menos, will become accessible once you have reached level 15. Each time you take off your mask, you become the evolved version of yourself.

Let us find out how to become hollow in Reaper 2:

Spin Race using promo codes
Spin Race using 250 Robux
Pay 5,000 cash to F33NY

The following are the Race rarity chances in Reaper 2:

Soul Reaper – 50%
Hollow – 35%
Quincy – 15%

All Races In Reaper 2 Guide

Let’s now examine the Reaper 2 reroll guide. You can choose a different race and start over in this way.

1 Start the game on your device
2 Click on the “Menu” icon, which will be on the lower right side of the screen
3 Alternately, you can also press the “M” button
4 In the new window, click on “Dev Products”
5 Here, click on “Reroll Race”. This will reset all your character data
6 Now it will use up to 250 Robux to reroll your race

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