Ninja Rebirth Codes & Updates

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Good day, guys! Please see below for Ninja Rebirth Codes and updates, as well as some important information. Ninja Rebirth: Gather a shinobi team and engage in combat with rival ninjas as well as the nine-tailed demon fox. Win by using strong strategies.

In this Android game, you can defend your home village from destruction and take part in the Shinobi World War. Powerful ninjas with distinct looks, amazing ninjutsu combat techniques, and uncommon weaponry can be added to your team.

Plan your strategy and use each character’s strong points to win the battles. Join the guild to battle alongside your buddies.

About the Ninja Rebirth Codes & Updates

Game features:

  • More than 50 legendary ninjas
  • Several game modes
  • Dangerous dungeons
  • Play together with friends

1st Skill – New Hero: Hokage Kakashi

  • Chat blacklist

2nd Skill – Balance adjustment: Darui

3rd skill – Raiton: Kangekiha
  • Skill DMG reduction is adjusted from 50% to 60%
  • Releases at the beginning of the battle
  • The duration of the skill is adjusted from 12s to 14s
4th skill – Ranton
  • Speed is adjusted from +2 to +3
  • PHY DMG reduction is adjusted from -50% to -65%
  • 6p Madara
5th skill – Senpo: Inton Raiha
  • Releases at the beginning of Battle ( Round 1 )
  • Enhanced Transcend: Stun for 2 seconds is available in TRANSCEND Mode
6th skill – Mugen Tsukuyomi
  • The sequence of this skill is adjusted to Round 2 in Battle

Active Ninja Rebirth Codes List

Codes can be challenging, but they’re also an important part of the game. For your game to improve and to allow you to play uninterrupted, you must learn how to use hacks effectively. We all engage in cheating when playing games on our own terms to minimize disturbances, not because we intentionally break the rules or mean to hurt other players.

ninja rebirth codes

  • hzbr08 – (expire 09 Feb 12pm)🎁 (New)
  • 2diwy6 – (expire 07 Feb 12pm)🎁

Private server code for Ninja Rebirth

  • 2diwy6 – (expire 07 Feb 12pm) (New)

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How to redeem Ninja Rebirth Codes.

If you are uncertain about how to use Ninja Rebirth? It’s really really easy! Just adhere to a few simple directions.

  • Step 1: First open the Ninja Rebirth game on your device.
  • Step 2: click on the avatar/profile.
  • Step 3: click on the setting button.
  • Step 4: tap on the enter exchange code button.
  • Step 5: then enter here provided code in the enter an exchange code section.
  • Step 6: click on the confirm button to get your free rewards in the game. Enjoy your free rewards in-game.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail? 

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