Mighty Omega Codes & Updates

By Adan Karni •  Updated: 11/24/21

Men, good morning! Please see the chart below for a list of Mighty Omega Codes and upgrades as well as other very important information. Here is a list of the Roblox Mighty Omega cheat codes along with instructions on how to use them.

Players can utilize the 0 active and working codes in Mighty Omega to unlock rewards at the moment. Roblox rates the F-Tier Rank game Mighty Omega as Unpopular.

About the Mighty Omega Game and Codes

Mighety Omega Codes

Based on a comic and our previous game

  • Simple controls:
  • To run, press W twice.
  • Running while pressing “R” switches between jog and sprint mode for Dash.
  • F when using a combat tool for Block
  • F + LMB for a flawless guard break motion block.
  • For a counter on any hit, use F + RMB
  • LMB for assault
  • RMB for a guard change
  • Scripter: Amazing


  • constructors: streetjess and MisterA
  • Cartoonist: deodorizer
  • Molten Model Makers


  • Authors: Tacomura and believable lies

Game Rating & Reviews

  • 19K+ Positive Rating
  • 2,785 Negative Rating

Active Mighty Omega Codes list

While codes in Mighty Omega can be challenging, they are an essential part of the game. For you to advance in your game and have uninterrupted fun, you must learn how to use cheats effectively. We all engage in cheating when playing games on our own terms to minimize disturbances, not because we intentionally break the rules or mean to hurt other players.

  • Zero codes ( Still no codes available for Mighty Omega, check again soon when new codes come out we will update the list )

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How do I Redeem the Mighty Omega Codes?

a. Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Huawei at https://redeem.clicktouch.cc/wsy-us/
b. Bind your login account with your game account
i. Filling out your information server, ID, etc
ii. You have to request a 6-digit code that sends to your in-game mailbox.
c. Check your in-game mail to get the 6-digit code, then put it in the textbox.
d. Enter your gift code in the text box, then click exchange. The reward mail will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

Please let us know in the comments.

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