Kaiju Paradise Codes & Updates

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Good day, gentlemen! Please keep reading for Kaiju Paradise Codes, updates, and other information. Kaiju Paradise, often known as KP, is a multiplayer combat game in which you spawn in an underground facility, Laminax Laboratories, and as a Survivor, you must avoid being infected by goo-like monsters known as Gootraxians. It was created by the group T Z B Studio, and it will shortly be remade as The Final Experiment, better known as TFE. It is a remake of another game, The Underground Facility, which was closed down.

About the Kaiju Paradise Game and Codes

Gameplay – The game begins when you spawn in an area with a Force Field, or not, depending on what event is taking place at the time, as well as a little shop run by a Slime Pup named Abble. There is also a computer containing information about Gootraxians called as the Beastiary, which you unlock one by one when you infect humans as that Gootraxiax. After leaving the force field, you can enter the map, which will feature Gootraxians spread throughout.

Description – The notion of Kaiju paradise is unrelated to any other game. Become a Kaiju! Kaiju Paradise is a prototype for TZB Studio’s future game The Final Experiment. Join our communication server for sneak peeks and updates. Not all modifications are final.

Current Developers on board 

  • BlaxorReborn – Lead Developer, Builder, Scripter, User Interface, Animations, Art
  • Flip2050 1 – Developer
  • xotiIe – Developer
  • Fishcracks13 – Composer of Music
  • YukaChaan – is a concept artist and an artist.
  • Ron1n Sim – 3D Mesh Modeler, Illustrator


  • Mysticalesta – New game trailer
  • G Dance – emote by evangelical
  • HZDRT – various animations and emotes
  • Stew Fox – Designer of Laminax Clothing

Active Kaiju Paradise Codes list

Codes Codes are difficult to decipher, but they are also an important aspect of the game. Learning how to properly employ hacks is critical for enhancing your game and enjoying every minute of it without interruption. We all cheat to avoid disruptions while gaming on our own terms, rather than to break the rules or damage others.

Kaiju Paradise Codes

  • There are currently no working codes for Kaiju Paradise.
  • WELCOMETO2023—Redeem for 2023 Credits 
  • ANDSOITBEGINS – 333 candies

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Get in touch with Developer, Contact below

How to use New Kaiju Paradise Codes?

If you’re not sure how to utilize Codes, we’ve got you covered. It’s quite simple! Simply follow a few simple steps.

a. Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Huawei at https://redeem.clicktouch.cc/wsy-us/
b. Bind your login account with your game account
i. Filling out your information server, ID, etc
ii. You have to request a 6-digit code that sends to your in-game mailbox.
c. Check your in-game mail to get the 6-digit code, then put it in the textbox.
d. Enter your gift code in the text box, then click exchange. The reward mail will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours.

What Should You Do If Your Kaiju Paradise Fail?

Please tell us in the comments.

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