Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Codes & Updates

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Good day, gentlemen! Please refer to the Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Codes, updates, and Rockstar Energy Codes provided below. The Halo brand started out in 2001 with just one video game, but it has since grown to encompass an incredible number of games, best-selling books, comic book series, animated shows, toys, and memorabilia. In the Halo world, humans and the Covenant, a powerful alien antagonist, fight in a future conflict.

In essence, the book is about humanity’s valiant fight for life and its will to prevent extinction at any cost. The primary character, Spartan-117, also referred to as the Master Chief, is a super-soldier who serves as the last line of defense against the destruction of the human species in a hostile cosmos.

About the Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Game & Codes


Daily chance to score a digital copy of the Halo Infinite game, an Xbox bundle including an Xbox Series X console + Halo Infinite Game + Razer Raptor 27” Monitor + Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite headset.


Collect codes to unlock exclusive in-game rewards, and challenge swaps, plus score 2XP with every entry. Visit Circle K and Amazon for bonus content.*


ENTER – Enter codes from Collector-edition Halo Infinite cans, found under the can tab.
SCORE – Every code unlocks 2XP and earns entries for the chance to win daily Halo Infinite games, Xbox bundles and the Jeep Gladiator grand prize vehicle, plus more in-game rewards.
COLLECT – Collect all 5 specially designed Collector-edition Halo Infinite cans to score more chances to win prizes and continue unlocking in-game rewards.

Game Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars ✨ 

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Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Codes

Active codes:

Halo Infinite - How To Get ALL "ROCKSTAR CODES" Exclusive Rewards! - YouTube

  • 1st Code: Redeem this code Power Bundle to get, 2XP, and 2 swaps.
  • 2nd Code: Redeem this code MA40 Bundle to get Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating, and 2XP.
  • 3th Code: Redeem this code Warthog Bundle to get Nocturne Sky Vehicle Coating and 2XP.

  • 4th Code: Redeem this code Emblem Bundle to get Emblem and 2XP.
  • 7th to 120th Codes: Redeem this code to get 2XP and 2 Swaps.
  • 1st Circle K Code: Redeem this code to get Nocturne Sky Razorback Coating and 5 swaps.
  • Circle K Code 2+: Redeem this code to get Challenge Bundle 5 swaps.
  • Amazon Codes 1+: Redeem this code to get Challenge Bundle 3 swaps.

The game’s developer has not released many codes just yet; however, we will update this list frequently with any new codes we find, so make sure you keep this page bookmarked and check back later.

Steps to redeem Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Codes

To redeem Codes, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

  • Launch the Game
  • Enter the code mentioned above in the list in Redeem Code Section
  • And enjoy the freebies!

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