Elden Ring Twinblade Build Guide 2022 & Update

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/08/22

We welcome you everyone here. Reading the following sentences will help you understand more about the updates, codes, and other important topics: Elden Ring Twinblade Build Guide is among the most thrilling weapons players may use in Elden Ring. Fast slashing strikes with the ability to hit numerous targets at once are the main characteristics of these weapons.

About the Game and Elden Ring Twinblade Build

However, because players must hold the weapons in two hands for full effectiveness, these weapons are rather challenging to use. Most of the time, gamers love to utilize shields to deflect opposing assaults, but with twin blades, that option is no longer available.

In any case, Elden Ring offers a respectable selection of twinblades for gamers to pick from. Therefore, before beginning to look for them, gamers should be properly informed about them.

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Top 5 Twinblade in Elden Ring

1) Twinblade

The basic Twinblade is a really good weapon despite being very basic (Image via Gamers Heroes/Youtube)

The player-accessible version of twinblades is this one, which is the most basic. It is also one of the greatest players a player can obtain in the game, though. This weapon’s small weight is one of its outstanding features.

2) Twinned Knight swordsTwinned Knight Swords in Elden Ring is a decent weapon for quality builds (Image via The Real Godzilla/Youtube)

Players in the game can pursue this additional potent twinblade. When compared to the first sword on the list, the Twinned Knight sword’s use is not much different.

3) Godskin Peeler

Godskin Peeler is the best Twinblade for dex builds (Image via sawmanUK/Youtube)

Godskin Peeler is the way to go if gamers are searching for a good dexterity-based twinblade. The weapon is a solid choice for all types of builds with Keen Ashes of War because it has an “A” scale on dexterity.

4) Eleonora’s Poleblade

Eleonora's Poleblade is arguably one of the best twinblades for PVP purposes (Image via Elden Ring)

If players choose to go for PVP-specific builds, Eleonora’s poleblade is undoubtedly one of the greatest weapons to wield. This weapon lacks the damage necessary to combat bosses.

5) Gargoyle’s Twinblade

The damage output from Gargoyle's Twinblade is absurdly high (Image via Fredchuckdave/Youtube)

Gargoyle’s Twinblade, the last item on our list, is among the top weapons for strength builds. This weapon is one of the greatest in its category for status effect build-up and is even more powerful than Twinned Knight swords.


Simply choose the most substantial armour you can carry without fat rolling. As a dual-blade build, all you want is to maximize your damage and be able to withstand any attacks without succumbing quickly. Get the most tanky armour you can find because squishy melee builds are typically a recipe for disaster. Among the armors we suggest are:

  • Twinned Set

twinned set 11zon 1

  • Radahn’s Lion Armor

lion 11zon edited

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