Elden Ring Build Guide 2022

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 04/05/22

All of you are welcome here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial subjects by reading the words that follow: Elden Ring Build | Elden Ring best builds The focus of builds in Elden Ring is on the different combinations that a player may make using a set of stats, weapons, armour, and other components that can aid them in achieving their objectives through combat and exploration.

About the Game and Elden Ring Build

Each of the Elden Ring Best Builds featured below is distinct and takes a different approach to a user’s playstyle, making them suitable for both PvE and PvP scenarios. The numerous builds that we advise players to try out are listed below.

Elden Ring Builds may be modified using the Rebirth character respec feature. By defeating Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, you can activate this feature. After you’ve vanquished them, you can exchange Larval Tears for a Respec.

A key component of Elden Ring’s replay value is built. Consider looking at the following sites if you want to try your hand at designing your own build:

  • Damage Types
  • Equipment with Special Effects
  • Buffs and Debuffs
  • Build Calculator to theorycraft

Elden Ring Best Builds By State

In Elden Ring, players often allocate stat points to a “primary” stat that serves as the build’s focal point and is depending on the chosen weapon scaling. Additionally, players often spend money on vigor, endurance, and mind to control their basic health, stamina, and concentration points. Any build must account for weapon and magic scaling, so be sure to comprehend upgrades, status effects, and damage types (poison builds, bleed builds, fire builds, etc).

Based on their major stat, the Elden Ring Builds on this page can be divided into several playstyles that emphasize Status Effects and damage output:

Elden Ring Mage Build (Beginner)

A completely ranged build that never needs to utilize melee weapons and concentrates on taking down adversaries from a distance.

Class: Astrologer
Flask Spread: Mostly FP, with 1 or 2 HP
Weapon: Any Staff, any melee weapon
Shield: Any 100% Physical Block
Armor: Any Light Armor
Primary Stats: Intelligence & Mind
Secondary Stats: Vigor & Endurance
Skills: Ash of War: Glintblade Phalanx
Spells: Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Arc, Loretta’s Greatbow, Great Glintstone Shard, Carian Slicer, Carian Piercer

Your main weapon is the Glintstone Pebble, which deals less damage but has a longer range than the Great Glintstone Shard. good for removing adversaries one by one.

Although Glintstone Arc is helpful for packs, it should not be utilized frequently because it is quite situational.

Your long-range, high-damage skill, Loretta’s Greatbow, has a charge feature that can deal even more harm. Use this to harm adversaries who are present at a great distance.

Carian Slicer is excellent in battles where staying at range is risky or when the opposition is aggressive.

You can protect yourself by using Carian Piercer against both human and NPC intruders.

If you improve your melee weapon, the Glintstone Phalanx from Ash of War deals amazing damage. Additionally, it quickly knocks down foes, allowing critical strikes.

Elden Ring Sorcerer Build (Mage Level 50)

A mage build that is advanced that shows what to utilize next and where to go for a caster-only build around level 50 or such.

ClassAstrologer or Prisoner
Flask Spread: Mostly FP some HP
WeaponMeteorite Staff & Dagger
Shield: None
Armor: Queen’s Crescent Crown & the heaviest Armor you can wear and still med roll
Primary StatsIntelligence & Mind
Secondary StatsVigor & Dexterity
Skills: Determination
SpellsGlintstone PebbleGlintstone ArcGreat Glintstone ShardLoretta’s Greatbow & Rock Sling

Holding your staff in your left hand and your dagger in your right, you’ll press L2 as needed to buff yourself with Determination** when using this build. You will receive a ten second buff from this that will improve all spell damage by 60% until you use your dagger, which is something you don’t want to do. This is highly situational and may not be required, but it’s helpful when you’re up against challenging foes or need to cast a lot of spells.

Due to its extended range, the Glintstone Pebble will be your go-to weapon for taking down foes over the course of the game. It also performs effectively against specific bosses. Glintstone Arc is a situational AoE spell that is utilized when foes are gathered together.

Great Glintstone Shard deals roughly 80% more damage than Pebble, but at a greater cost and shorter range, making it ideal for use against aggressive or huge foes that can’t evade. Use this when you need to quickly knock something that is charging towards you down.

By standing just outside of their aggro range and casting Loretta’s Longbow, you may cheese numerous foes in the game when you need the extreme range to take down a serious adversary. Buff with tenacity for the finest outcomes.

Finally, Rock Sling is effective in the Liurnia of the Lakes region since it deals with Physical Damage and may be used against foes that are immune to Magic Damage. Since it is also a Gravity Sorcery, Meteorite Staff gives it an additional boost.

NOTE: As of patch 1.03, Determination only benefits the weapon that has Ash of War applied; it no longer benefits other sources of damage. It is no longer possible to utilize it to boost the power of spells or incantations.

Elden Ring Paladin Build (Beginner)

A tanky healer who can protect and boost friends, letting them absorb hits while their teams destroy everything.

Class: Confessor
Flask Spread: Mostly HP with 1 or 2 FP
Weapon: Any one-handed and a Sacred Seal
Shield: Brass Shield
Armor: The heaviest you can wear and still mid-roll
Primary Stats: Faith & Vigor
Secondary StatsEndurance & Strength
SkillsAsh of War: Barricade Shield & Ash of War: Golden Vow
Spells: Urgent HealHeal

You’ll call your Spirit Ashes before fighting and use Golden Vow to boost your own and their defenses and damage. To tank while your summons or allies burn down adversaries, use Barricade Shield when battling bosses or other difficult foes.

Strength should only be used to satisfy requirements for weapons and shields; boosting Faith will also enhance your damage and healing/buffs.

Once you have Heal, you can heal nearby allies and yourself to extend the lives of your summons.

Elden Ring Templar Build (Level 50 Paladin)

A tanky melee builds with an emphasis on healing both the player and any teammates while still dealing respectable damage thanks to Holy Weapon bonuses and Block Counters.

Class: Confessor
Flask Spread: Mostly HP, some FP
Weapon: Noble’s Slender Sword
Shield: Brass Shield
Armor: Mausoleum Knight Armor, Greathelm, Knight Greaves, & Knight Gauntlets
Primary Stats: Faith & Endurance
Secondary Stats: Vigor
Skills: Ash of War: Golden Vow, Ash of War: Sacred Blade, Ash of War: Barricade Shield
Spells: Blessing’s Boon & Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

By pressing R2, you may counterattack strikes that hit your shield in this build. If an enemy is stunned, you can use a Critical Attack to unleash catastrophic damage, but if not, the Block Counter alone deals a significant amount of damage.

Since blocking requires a lot of stamina, you’ll employ Barricade Shield to increase the amount of Block Counters you may use.

Golden Vow is utilized while cooperating to strengthen your group or if you’re employing a group of Spirit Summons, your group as a whole. Although it has a slow wind-up that makes it difficult to utilize in the middle of a monster fight, Sacred Blade is much better when playing solo because it provides you a ranged option and significantly increases your damage for a brief period of time.

Because it prolongs the healing over time you already receive from the Blessed Dew Talisman, Blessing’s Boon is beneficial for both cooperative play and solitary play.

Aspects of the Crucible: Your AoE clear spell, Tail, provides significant stagger damage as well as clearing an area of effect, and it may down Trolls and other huge monsters with just two casts. When you gain another AoE, you can replace Tail with any other AoE. Keep in mind that you may perform two tail swipes by holding down the cast button.

Elden Ring Blood Dragon Build (Level 50)

A dual-wielding arcane build that destroys opponents with dragon and bleeds spells.

Class: Warrior or Bandit
Flask Spread: Split between HP and FP
Weapon: Dual Scimitars or any other Curved Swords that can use Ashes of War & Dragon Communion Seal
Shield: None
Armor: Heaviest you can wear and still med roll
Primary Stats: Arcane & Vigor
Secondary Stats: Dexterity, Faith, and Endurance
Skills: Bloody Slash
Spells: Dragonclaw & Rotten Breath

In order to use this build, duplicate Ashes of War: Bloody Slash and apply it to both of your scimitars (or other curved swords) while choosing the Bleed Affinity. This will cause both of them to apply Bleed build-up when they strike an enemy. This will also enable them to scale with arcane, increasing their overall damage as well as the amount of bleed buildup they apply upon striking an adversary, causing them to bleed faster and lose significant amounts of health.

The damage of Bloody Slash rises with weapon upgrades and arcane, therefore the more arcane you have, the more tough foes and bosses you may use it against.

For strong opponents that hide behind Shields and make it difficult for you to reach them with your Swords, use the Dragonclaw spell. A “two-hit” combination with 84 FP may be used to perform this spell far more swiftly than it did the first time, killing practically everything with only two hits. Additionally, it possesses super armor, letting you survive even the strongest strikes. For 84 FP, 15 Minds are required.

When used from horseback, Rotten Breath quickly dispatches groups of opponents. Use this on foes and bosses that are challenging to defeat since, if you can sufficiently fill their Scarlet Rot bar, it deals enormous damage over time. With this Spell, the simple mode is the setting.

Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build (Level 100)

An Arcane-based Bleed Build that utilised Eleonora’s Poleblade to instantly cause enormous damage and activate the Hemorrhage state effect.

Class: Any
Flask Spread: Mostly HP, some FP
Weapon: Eleonora’s Poleblade & Dragon Communion Seal
Shield: None
Armor: Mask of Confidence, and any armor as long as you can med roll
Primary Stats: Arcane & Vigor
Secondary Stats: Mind & Dexterity
Skills: Bloodblade Dance
Spells: Dragonclaw, Dragonice, Rotten Breath, Flame, Grant Me Strength & Lightning Spear

For difficult battles, you’ll buff with Flame, Grant Me Strength to increase both your physical and fire damage and Eleonora’s Poleblade, which increases both.

If a boss is susceptible to Scarlet Rot, you should lead with Rotten Breath before using Dragonice to decimate groups of opponents or apply Frostbite to them.

When you require a burst of Physical Damage, you may utilize Dragonclaw, while Lightning Spear can be used to range down a single target or to take out lone foes from a distance.

Most of the time, you’ll be leading with Bloodblade Dance to slow down opponents so you can rapidly haemorrhage them. With L2, you may swing repeatedly to stun foes and continue to build up this Status.

Elden Ring Berserker Build (Beginner)

A Strength-based Bulid that prioritises doing significant damage with each stroke and through Jump Attacks.

Class: Vagabond
Flask Spread: All HP
Weapon: Claymore and Lordsworn’s Greatsword
Shield: None
Armor: Heaviest you can wear and still med roll
Primary Stats: Endurance & Vigor
Secondary Stats: Strength & Dexterity
Skills: Ash of War: Quickstep
Spells: None

The way this Build operates is that you quickly grab the two Greatswords and begin to dual-wield them while mostly hitting with L1 or leaping with L1. When you jump with L1, you can one-shot the majority of adversaries and stun those who are in your way so that you can’t quickly Quickstep or roll away.

After successfully landing a Jump Attack, you can quickly position yourself behind or to the side of adversaries for further assaults.

You can maintain a medium roll, which is essential, thanks to your heavy armour and great endurance. Even if you have Quickstep, you still need to have good rolling skills. Once you get the idea of Quickstep, you can eventually wear the heaviest armour you can find, stop thinking about the medium roll, and simply utilise it.

Elden Ring Champion Build (Level 50)

A dual-wielding build that emphasises the usage of the greatsword and heavy armour to withstand blows while unleashing deadly jump attacks.

Class: Hero or Vagabond
Flask Spread: Mostly HP, a couple of FP
Weapon: Lordsworn’s Greatsword & Claymore
Shield: None
Armor: Banished Knight Set
Primary Stats: Endurance & Strength
Secondary Stats: Vigor & Mind
Skills: Golden Vow & Determination
Spells: None

With your two Greatswords, which are strengthened by the Claw Talisman, you’ll strive to land Jump Attacks in this build. In addition, you’ll strengthen yourself with Determination on your right weapon and Golden Vow on your left.

When used on an Ash of War, Golden Vow lasts 45 seconds and boosts your Attack Rating by around 10% while also boosting your Resistance by 5%. This strengthens your already strong defences, making you more difficult to kill.

The catch is that you must connect with both weapons at the same time in order to enhance their damage; otherwise, the additional damage is only applied to the first hit. Another justification for using Jump Attacks is that both weapons connect simultaneously.

Elden Ring Samurai Build (Beginner)

A combination of mounted, ranged, and melee combat that makes you feel like a real Samurai while playing Elden Ring is quite effective.

Class: Samurai
Flask Spread: Mostly HP and 1 or 2 FP
Weapon: Uchigatana and Longbow
Shield: None
Armor: Land of Reeds Set
Primary Stats: Dexterity & Vigor
Secondary Stats: Endurance & Mind
Skills: Ash of War: Unsheathe & Ash of War: Mighty Shot
Spells: None

This build functions just like a samurai, taking off enemies with your long bow and occasionally utilising Mighty Shot to do more damage. switching to Uchigatana and utilising Unsheathe to do massive damage when adversaries are near to you. Unsheathe closes gaps quickly, provides high damage, and deals high damage all at a low cost in FP. Become proficient at rolling back before using Unsheathe all at once.

Elden Ring Moonviel Samurai Build (Level 50)

A melee-mage build that does critical damage and stuns opponents by using Transient Moonlight.

ClassPrisoner or Samurai
Flask SpreadSlightly more HP than FP
Weapon: Moonveil
Shield: None
Armor: Land of Reeds Set
Primary StatsIntelligence &Vigor
Secondary Stats: Dexterity
Skills: Transient Moonlight
SpellsLoretta’s GreatbowGlintstone Pebble and Carian Greatsword

In order to critically strike foes with this build, you must use Transient Moonlight with R2 as opposed to R1. You may avoid running out of FP by using the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger and Carian Filigreed Crest to recoup the cost of utilizing Transient Moonlight.

Use Loretta’s Greatbow to eliminate challenging adversaries from a distance, and Glintstone Pebble to accomplish the same feat when they are closer.

Radagon Icon benefits Carian Greatsword, which is used to AoE grouped foes.

Elden Ring Build: Best Build for All Playstyles

Beginner Build Level 50 Build Level 100 Build Level 150 Build
Paladin Templar Lightning Lancer
Thundering Swordspear Crusader
Lightning Dragoon
Golden Champion
Black Knife Assassin
Moonlight Crusader
Flame Dancerelden ring news
Mage Sorcerer Crystal Mage Elementalist
Meteor Mageelden ring news
Samurai Moonveil Samurai Moonveil Shinobi
Blazing Bushido Sanguine Samurai
Blackflame Bushido
Serpent Samurai
Bloodblade Blood Dragon Blood Dancer
Dragon Knight
Sanguine Samurai
Venomous Bloodblade
Dragon Warrior
Serpent Samurai
Howling Starfist
Spellblade Magus
Enchanted Knight
Sword Sage Darkmoon Spellblade
Frost Knight Dark Knight
Freezing Battlemage
Royal Knight
Death Knight
Carian Spellknight
Moonlight Crusader
Nebula Knightelden ring news
Berserker Champion Hellfire Herald
Scorching Slayer
Blasphemous Beastmaster Dark Knight
Blasphemous Herald
Golden Champion
Black Knife Assassin
Barbarian Colossal Knight Colossus Guardian
Scorching Slayer
Cold-Blooded Raptor Sorcery Sentinel
Eochaid Executioner
Gravity God
Colossal Crusher
Dragon Priest Black Flame Apostle
Sword Sage Dragon Knight
Blackflame Spellblade
Blasphemous Beastmaster
Frenzied Acolyte Blackflame Bushido
Dragon Warrior
Magic Dragonknight
Flame Dancerelden ring news
Archer Magic Archer Goldeneye Bloody Bowman

Elden Ring Beginner Builds Ranked

  • Paladin A tanky melee Build that can Block attacks with a Shield while buffing and healing allies.
  • Mage A pure caster Build that can range enemies down in any scenario.
  • Samurai Focus on melee with Katana while ranging enemies down with your Bow. Great mounted combat as well.
  • Bloodblade – A dual-wielding Dex Build that uses Bleed to shred enemies
  • Spellblad A ranged/melee hybrid Build that uses magic and melee to destroy enemies
  • Berserker – A dual-wielding Greatsword Build that does insane damage per swing, allowing you to one-shot most enemies
  • Barbarian A Colossus Weapon focused Build that uses Charge Attacks to run over enemies
  • Dragon Priest Powerful Faith Caster with Draconic Spells that dominate bosses.
  • Archer A pure ranged Build that can wield a Bow effectively at any range

Elden Ring Midgame Builds Ranked

  • Sword Sage – A Build highlighting the use of the Sword of Night and Flame, while also making use of Death Sorceries.
  • Moonveil Samurai – An Int/Dex hybrid Samurai that can use Magic and uses the Moonveil Katana to devastating results.
  • Blood Dragon – An Arcane-focused Build that dual wields two blades, making use of the Hemorrhage status effect and Dragon Incantations.
  • Templar – A tanky Faith melee build that is sword and board focused, making liberal use of Block Counters to boost damage and stagger enemies.
  • Sorcerer – A purely ranged spellcaster that flings spells with deadly precision while staying out of melee combat.
  • Magus – A hybrid melee spellcaster that uses Glintblade Phalanx to its fullest while dealing Critical Damage on the regular.
  • Black Flame Apostle – A hybrid spellcaster that buffs its weapon with Black Flame Blade, while chucking fireballs at its enemies.
  • Champion – A dual-wielding greatsword build that focuses on the use of Jump Attacks to shell out tons of damage in seconds.
  • Colossal Knight – A Strength build that uses Colossal Weapons to get the maximum damage per swing, often killing enemies and Bosses before they’ve even attacked.
  • Enchanted Knight – A melee build that uses Carian Sword Sorceries in one hand while using a Shield in the other.
  • Magic Archer – A hybrid ranged melee build with a heavy focus on wielding a Bow and picking off enemies at range

Elden Ring Late Game Builds Rankes

  • Moonveil Shinobi – A dual katana build using Moonveil to stagger and annihilate enemies with ease.
  • Scorching Slayer – A Twinblade Build that uses Fire to stagger and decimate enemies while they are helpless.
  • Dragon Knight – An Arcane/Faith Build that focuses on the use of Dragon Spells to burn enemies to a crisp.
  • Frenzied Acolyte – An Arcane/Faith Build that focuses on Frenzy Spells to melt enemies and drive them mad.
  • Frost Knight – A melee Build that focuses on the use of Frostbite to take down enemies in an instant.
  • Blasphemous Beastmaster – A Strength/Faith Build that uses Bestial Incantations at range and the Blasphemous Blade in melee combat
  • Deathblade – An Intelligence/Faith Build that uses the Sword of Night and Flame to dispatch enemies at the range or in melee combat
  • Cold-Blooded Raptor – A Strength/Intelligence Build that uses Claws to shred enemies and set Hemorrage and Frostbite.
  • Crystal Mage – An Intelligence based Build that uses a mix of Glinstone and Crystal Sorceries to range down enemies with prejudice.
  • Hellfire Herald – A dual-wielding greatsword build that destroys enemies rapidly while with staining punishment
  • Blood Dancer – A Bleed Build that focuses on the use of Twinblades and Dragon magic to erase enemies in seconds.
  • Colossus Guardian – A Strength Build that pounds enemy to dust with a single Colossus Hammer.
  • Darkmoon Spellblade – A melee mage build that uses the Dark Moon Greatsword to stagger enemies at range and get repeated Critical Attacks.
  • Blazing Bushido – A Samurai Build that uses the Nagakiba and a Great bow to take on enemies at the range or in close combat.
  • Lightning Lancer – A tanky build that uses a Greatshield and Spear to dispatch enemies while buffing itself and throwing Lightning around like Zeus
  • Blackflame Spellblade – A Dex/Faith Build that focuses on the use of Black Flame Incantations and Bleeding.
  • Battlemage – A melee-focused mage that can deal incredible damage up close, while also ranging down enemies from afar, all while using Armor and a Shield.
  • Golden Eye – A purely ranged Bow Build that focuses on dealing Holy Damage and Bleed, while casting some Incantations.
  • Thundering Swordspear – A melee-focused build that uses Lighting to strike enemies at range, and to boost damage in melee.

Elden Ring Endgame Build Ranked

  • Gravity God – A Quality Build (Strength/Dexterity) Build that uses the Fallingstar Beast Jaw to deadly effect
  • Blasphemous Herald – A melee build that uses Jump Attacks and the Blasphemous Blade to demolish enemies point blank and at range.
  • Sanguine Samurai – A Dexterity/Arcane Build that uses the Rivers of Blood Katana to bleed enemies to death
  • Moonlight Crusader – An Intelligence-based warrior that uses the Dark Moon Greatsword and Spells.
  • Carian Spellknight – An Intelligence Build that uses Carian Grandeur to slice enemies to bits.
  • Metor Mage – An Intelligence Mage Build that uses Gravity Spells effectively.
  • Nebula Knight – A Dexterity/Intelligence tank Build that uses a Shield and Wing of Astel to blow enemies away.
  • Dragon Warrior – An Arcane melee Build that uses dual curved swords to rapidly build up Attack Power and then unleash devastating Dragon Spells.
  • Death Knight – An Intelligence Build that uses the Sword of Night and Flame, and Carian Knight’s Shield to destroy enemies in melee and at range.
  • Dark Knight – An Intelligence Build that can range down enemies with Night Sorceries or punish them in melee combat with dual Greatswords.
  • Elementalist – An Intelligence/Faith Build that can cast any spell in the game effectively, and relies only on Magic.
  • Magic Dragonknight – An Arcane Build that uses Dragon Spells to their fullest, melting Bosses and enemies in mere seconds.
  • Blackflame Bushido – A Faith/Dexterity Samurai build that uses Black Flame spells and Phantom Slash to burn enemies to a crisp.
  • Golden Champion – A Dexterity-based tanky warrior that can Block Counter, Parry, and Dual Wield all in one setup.
  • Royal Knight – A Strength/Intelligence Build that uses two Magic-base Weapons and a Greatshield to freeze enemies in melee and at range.
  • Lightning Dragoon – A Quality Build (Strength/Dexterity) that uses Block Counters and Lightning to electrify enemies from any distance.
  • Serpent Samurai – A Samurai Build that uses Poison and Dexterity to drain enemies of HP over time and via repeated strikes.
  • Sorcery Sentinel – A Quality Build (Strength/Dexterity) that deals solid melee damage, and can eliminate enemies at range with magic damage.
  • Eochaid Executioner – A Strength/Arcane Build that uses the Marais Executioner’s Sword or Regalia of Eochaid to deal massive damage via Eochaid’s Dancing Blade
  • Freezing Battlemage – A melee mage build that uses Carian Slicer and other Carian Sword Sorceries to their fullest!
  • Venomous Bloodblade – A Quality Build that uses Bleed and Poison to boost Attack Power extremely high while dual-wielding Curved Swords.
  • Howling Starfist – A Dexterity Build that uses Star Fists and Beast’s Roar to melee and range enemies down at any distance.
  • Flame Dancer – A Strength/Faith Build that uses a Greatshield for Block Counters, Flame Dance to destroy groups of enemies, and Fire Incantations for ranged attacks.
  • Crusader – A Faith/melee hybrid Build that utilizes Block Counters as well as Faith-based Incantations to deal high damage while being very tanky.
  • Colossal Crusher – A pure Strength Build that uses Troll’s Roar to crush enemies into oblivion via Staggers and Critical Strikes.
  • Black Knife Assassin – A dual Daggers Build that uses Faith and Dexterity to shred enemies up close via repeated strikes.
  • Bloody Bowman – A pure Archer Build that uses Dexterity and Strength and status effect arrows to defeat enemies.

These are the best Elden Ring builds:

  • Colossal knight strength build
  • Glass cannon mage build
  • Samurai bleed dex build
  • Fire’s deadly sin faith build
  • Spinning reaper bleed build

Colossal knight strength build

Elden ring builds: A knight slashes and armoured opponent

  • Starting Class: Barbarian
  • Key Stats: Strength 21+, Endurance 25, Vigor 25
  • Essential Items: Warcry Ash of War, Axe Talisman, Roar Medallion, any great or colossal weapon

This excellent early-to-midgame build by Fextralife is perfect for those that want to overwhelm opponents with sheer power and a huge sword. Due to the extremely long windup periods, it’s a hazardous build, but every time you strike an enemy, you’ll flatten them for significant damage. And if you don’t succeed in hitting your target in the first swing, you have a tonne of stamina reserves you may tap into to make a second attempt. You might require more swings as you progress through the middle game, but we have some more advice for that.

Your main stat is strength, however how much you require will vary depending on the weapon you pick. As you’ll need to increase your equip load stat, which allows you to wear both a large sword and decent armour, Endurance and Vigor are also crucial. Additionally, endurance increases stamina, which is beneficial for fleeing or chaining several hits together. Additionally, you’ll be appreciative of the extra vigour because this build frequently requires you to trade powerful hits, especially against monsters.

You’ll require the Warcry Ashes of War and a powerful weapon. Any greatsword or enormous weapon will work, but in order to utilise Warcry, you must be able to apply weapon skills to it. Your damage is increased, but your R2 strike will now be a charging assault with an overhead swing. This is important because, in addition to dealing out some ridiculous damage amounts, charging towards opponents generally allows you to break up their attack patterns before unleashing the crushing overhead move. Depending on how well-balanced your opponent is, you will either knock them to the ground or have a good chance of stubbing them, which will give you the opportunity to land a critical blow.

You’ll need a couple Elden Ring talismans to truly make this construct shine. The Roar Medallion and Axe Talisman are necessary. The Roar Medallion enhances the damage of your attacks after using Warcry, whereas the former boosts the damage of your charge strikes—helpful for obvious reasons. With this build, you’ll be burning through a lot of stamina, so we advise replacing the other talisman slots with items that either increase overall stamina (Viridian Amber Medallion) or stamina recovery (Erdtree’s Favor talisman).

Glass cannon mage build

Elden Ring builds: A mage performing Comet Azur against a boss in Elden Ring

Starting Class: Astrologer
Key Stats: Intelligence 80, Dexterity 18, Strength 12
Essential Items: Moonveil Katana, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, Cerulean Hidden Tear
Best Spells: Comet Azur, Terra Magicus

The Glass Cannon Mage delivers damage greater than any other class in the game, but at the cost of being quite vulnerable. There’s a significant possibility you’ll perish if a random adversary manages to assault you while you’re engaged in battle with a boss. While not every fight will be a total breeze, those that are will be done in a flash.

Once you get access to Comet Azur and the Cerulean Hidden Tear, which give you access to a continuous stream of destructive energy for 10 full seconds, this build goes dangerously close to being broken. See where we specifically point you where to find Comet Azur in our Elden Ring spells guide.

In order to obtain the Cerulean Hidden Tear, you must travel to Mount Gelmir and vanquish the Uncreated Tree Spirit that can be located next to the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. This Elden Ring crystal rip momentarily stops all FP usage, and when used in conjunction with a variety of potent spells like Comet Azur and Meteorite of Astel, you may constantly pelt your opponents with damage. To ensure that your spells are effective, make sure you have the greatest Elden Ring spirit ash summons available to divert any foes.

We advise obtaining Lusat’s Glintstone Staff from Sellia, Town of Sorcery, to maximise the damage done by your spells. When the Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest bosses are defeated, this material becomes available as a prize. This staff stands out from the competition due to its unique special effect, which increases all sorcery power while using up extra FP.

Use the Moonveil Katana as your primary hand weapon before it gets the inevitable nerf. In its current form, this sword provides much too much damage, and it scales excellently with intellect stat to increase damage output. To get this weapon as a drop, fight the Magma Wyrm at the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

Samurai bleed dex build

Elden Ring builds: a samurai wielding two Uchigatanas covered in blood

Starting Class: Samurai
Key Stats: Dexterity 55, Strength 40
Essential Items: 2x Uchigatanas (with the Seppuku Ashes of War), Lord of Blood’s Exultation, White Mask, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of utilising melee weapons in Elden Ring is the blood effect. Enemies suddenly lose significant amounts of health by filling up their haemorrhage bar with just a few slashes. This effect rapidly puts your opponent in peril by doing damage equivalent to a percentage of their maximum health points. A popular misconception about this build is that you must invest points in arcane, although Seppuku, the Blood Loss Samurai’s go-to Ash of War, doesn’t scale with this stat. Thanks a tonne RageGamingVideos for showcasing this fantastic build on YouTube.

We chose the Samurai class since it begins with one Uchigatana. According to our understanding, Limgrave’s Deathtouched Catacombs are home to the only other Uchigatana in the game. Equip these weapons with the Ash of War: Seppuku to significantly boost their attack strength while increasing the amount of blood lost with each strike.

To obtain the Ash of War, go to the Freezing Lake in the Mountaintops of the Giants region and look for the unseen scarab’s footprints close to a tree. Make careful to replicate the Ash of War at a blacksmith to apply it to both katanas before you put it on your weapon.

We’re going to need a potent talisman to increase the damage output of this setup even further. To battle Esgar, Priest of Blood, proceed to the Lyndell Catacombs and proceed to the finish. The Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman, which Esgar drops, boosts your attack power by 20% anytime an adversary or fellow player nearby suffers blood loss. Due to the brief bleed effect that Seppuku causes after usage, this benefit is virtually always active.

The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, which can be obtained after finishing Millicent’s quest line, is another crucial talisman. With each hit, this talisman increases your attack power, making it ideal for a twin Uchigatana setup. A NPC invader at the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace can drop the White Mask, which is the last item. Similar to the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman, this mask’s function boosts your attack strength anytime it detects blood loss in the area.

Fire’s deadly sin faith build

Elden Ring builds: a Prophet firing a magical bolt towards an enemy using the Erdtree Greatshield

Starting Class: Prophet
Key Stats: Strength 30, Faith 80
Essential Items: Fire’s Deadly Sin, Erdtree Greatshield, Old Lord’s Talisman

Another highly sturdy construction, some may even say broken. It used to be far worse, but a prior patch nerfed one aspect of the original concept while maintaining the build’s overall potency. While the Deathblight effect no longer functions as described, we’d like to thank YouTuber KhrazeGaming for finding this potent setup.

The Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation is the first thing you’ll need; while it’s often not very useful in fighting, it improves greatly when used in conjunction with the Erdtree Greatshield. By solving the Flightless Bird painting task in West Lyendell, you can uncover this incantation. The Tree Sentinel Duo on Altus Plateau is the next location you need to visit because they are the ones that drop the large shield.

This build is fascinating since you can utilise this combination by the mid-game without using a primary weapon, and the early stat requirements for the Erdtree Greatshield are fairly low. The Erdtree Greatshield’s Golden Retaliation skill, which transforms the shield into a machine gun, is activated when you use Fire’s Deadly Sin to start the burning effect for the following 40 seconds.

Fire’s Deadly Sin counts as an enemy spell because it progressively harms your character, yet Golden Retaliation allows you to reflect spells back at your adversary. We have invested a lot of points in Faith for this build because the great shield scales with both Faith and Strength. By taking the Old Lord’s Talisman from a chest in Crumbling Farum Azula, you can lengthen the incantation.

Spinning reaper bleed build

Elden Ring bleed build: a tarnished spins a scythe in mid-air while fighting a boss

Starting Class: Confessor or Vagabond
Key Stats: Strength 55, Dexterity 55
Essential Items: Grave Scythe, Spinning Weapon Ash of War, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, anything that boosts the bleed effect

Think again if you believe you are an expert on bleed builds. To improve on their earlier dexterity-based bleed construct, which you can find above, the RageGamingVideos crew is back. This is a distinct endgame bleed construct that emphasises the Ash of War Spinning Weapon. Why? mostly because it’s enjoyable. Fun and really powerful. Despite the fact that this weapon art is theoretically intended for defensive usage, you can turn it into a fantastic offensive weapon for providing massive damage amounts through repeated strikes, especially when you’re up against larger, slower adversaries.

If you’ve never used it before, spinning a weapon effectively causes it to hover in midair and spin quickly. A target may take dozens of strikes in a matter of seconds if you catch them at the appropriate angle. These strikes count as weapon hits, as RGV notes, thus you may use your typical weapon enhancing antics in combination with Spinning Weapon to trigger powerful bleed effects.

The build is modelled on the Grave Scythe, although really any weapon with bleed effects and a long reach will do. Obviously, you’ll need the Spinning Weapon Art of War, and after that, you’ll want the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, which increases the damage you do when you hit repeatedly. With Millicent’s Prosthesis and the Thorny Cracked Tear for your Flask of Wondrous Physick, you can enhance this even further.

It’s important to keep in mind that you could struggle to catch foes with Spinning Weapon’s strike if they’re really mobile, therefore PvP isn’t exactly a good fit for it. This build may also be dangerous because you could occasionally swap damage, especially if you’re up against several foes.

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