Crusaders Quest Tier List 2022 & Updates

By Sapna Sehrawat •  Updated: 12/02/21

All of you are welcome here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial subjects by reading the words that follow: Crusaders Quest Tier List Vintage Pixel Art Do you have any memories of playing old-school games? Immerse yourself in the more than 1,000 distinct 8-bit Heroes’ adorable, nostalgic pixel visuals and spectacular action gameplay.

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About the Game and Crusaders Quest Tier List

  • A Huge World with an Entertaining Tale Explore the area and repel the invaders attempting to destroy Haslam’s land and its Goddesses.
  • Action-packed Block Skill Gameplay Enjoy the straightforward yet tactical match-3 block skill controls in this RPG puzzle. Learn the thrilling synergies between more than 1,000 Heroes in a limitless variety of team combinations, and use the Goddesses’ abilities to alter the tide of battle at crucial junctures.

Crusaders Quest Tier List 2022

Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Kyo Kusanagi C+ C B B-
Iori Yagami D B C+ A
Joan A B S A+
Victoria C+ S- B S-
Lionel C- C B+ A
Arita B+ A+ A S
Sien C- D+ B- B+
Abel B- B+ A- A+
Uzimant C C- S A
Sworden C- C+ A A-
Isabel C+ C S A
Koxinga B+ A- A- A+
Susanoo C- B- C+ A-
Vivian B- B- S- A-
Monte C+ C B+ A+
Kaori B- C+ A+ A-
Sol B C A- B+
Ky Kiske B- B+ A- A
Johny F F F F
Millia F F F F
Bihyeongrang S A    
Borgos B B-    
Leon C+ B A- A+
Rochefort B B+ S- S+
Omega Rugal Z Z Z Z
Orochi Chris B- C+ B- B
Weiss Schnee B C+ S- A-
C B B A+
Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Drake B- B+ A- A
Vane C+ C- A B+
Cain B- A- A- S
Alex B+ B S- S
Achilles C+ C A- B+
Kriemhild B- B A- A+
Roland B C+ A S-
Thor B- B+ B+ A
Stanya B B- A+ S+
Mundeok A- B A A-
V C C+ S- S
Hector B B- A- A
Rebecca C C- B+ B
Billy Kane A A+ S+ S
Kim Kaphwan B A- S- S
Terry Bogard B+ C A B
Yang Xiao
C+ B- A A+
May F F S A+
Sin Kiske Z Z F F
Captain A- B    
Wolfgang B- A+    
Athena B- C A+ S
Siegfried D D- A- A
Dullahan F F B A-
Jin-Kyung F F B+ C+
Pyrrha Nikos She Is So Bad
Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Rahima B- B+ B A
Hong-Ran B C A A
Chipp Zanuff B+ B A A+
Hanzo F F A- S
Robin Hood C+ C- A B
Magnus B+ A A- A+
Altair A- B- A+ A-
Atalante A- C+ A+ B
Arona B- C+ A- A+
Niven A- B- A+ A-
R A- C B+ B-
Giparang D D A+ B-
Hikari A B+ S- A+
Mamba A- A A+ S
Lee A- C+ A+ B+
Sigruna B- C A B+
Demona C+ B+ A- A
Gon C- D A- B
Viola B+ C    
Kaguya B+ C+    
Shiranui Mai B+ B S- S
Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Vincent C C- A- B+
No. 9 C B+ A S+
Sentinel C+ D- A- B-
Mandy B C+ A+ B+
Viper B C- B+ C+
Crow C D+ A B+
Tia C- D A- A
Dox B A S- S
Spiny C+ C- A B+
Lorelei C+ C S+ S
Wilhelm C+ C B+ B
Saiga B D A- B
D’Artagnan A- C A+ B-
Teresa D+ B+ C+ S
Maxi C+ C A B-
Spyro B+ C A B-
Elphelt A S- A+ S+
AG01-Neo D D+ C C+
Nora Valkyrie B- B A- A+
Scarlet C- A    
Leona Heidern B+ D+ S- C-
AG02-Layla D D+ C C+
Ruby Rose C- B- B+ A
AG03-Mel D D+ C C+

Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Uriel F F A+ B+
Lupeow B B+ S A
Benjamin A- A A+ S-
Vesper S- A+ S+ A+
Sasquatch C B B- B+
Lilith B- A+ B+ S
Rachel F F S A-
Alice C C B A-
Nazrune C- B- C+ B+
Mondrian B- B+ B+ A
Necron D F A+ B+
Demeter A- B S- A
Dorothy C C+ B A
Cano S- B S B+
Archon B+ C+ S- A+
Korin B+ B S- A-
Ramlethal B C+ A B+
Jack’o D F A- C+
Violet A- B    
Yichui C C-    
D D- C+ C
B+ B S+ A+
Little Girl C+ C A+ A-
Name Standard Standard SBW SBW
Yuria A B S+ B+
Faust B+ B- A- A+
I-no B- B+ A S+
Nightingale B+ B A B+
Yeowoodong A- C S- B-
Nurspy C- C+ B+ A
Woopa B+ B S+ B+
Himiko A+ B+ S A
Stein C D A+ A
Chai A- C+ A B-
Maria B+ C A- B-
Melissa B- B+ A S
Mew A B+ S A-
Aria C+ C A- B-
Dara B+ B- S A-
Beatrice S- S S S+
Orfeo C D+ A- B-
Sieren A- C    
Noel C+ B    
Sie Kensou B- B+ B+ A
A+ C S B

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