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Everyone is invited to join us here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial issues by reading the following sentences: Critical Legends Map Special things that are hidden within the many different treasure chests dotted over the game’s globe map can be quite useful to players.

All Chest Locations in Critical Legends Map

These chests contain a variety of scrolls that can provide you with an advantage and shield you from harm throughout the most challenging sections of your playthrough. You can find every chest location in Critical Legends with our guide. However, keep in mind that certain chests are only accessible until you reach a particular level, so don’t count on finding them early on.

Critical Legends Map

Spawn Chest Locations

Punch — On the boat right of spawn.
Pickaxe — At the stairs in front of spawn.
Metal Plate — On the roof of a shack behind an apple tree left of spawn.
Beta Factory — On the roof of a shack left of Legit Shop.
Beta Ticket — Inside Legit Shop.

Primis Field Chest Locations

Rage Scroll — Under the apple tree in the first left turn.
Sharpener Rock — Inside Cave 1 in the first right turn upstairs.
Travelling Boots — Right outside the Cave 1.

Thyrus Wood Chest Locations

Hunting Dagger — The first chest at the entrance of Thyrus Wood.
Icy Shield — Under the apple tree in the first left turn.
Venom Scroll — South of the Arsenal shop.
Campfire Wood — In the southern part of the wood, right next to a large campfire.

Flower Fields Chest Locations

Sun Fragment — At the black platform in front of the Flower Fields.
Honeycomb — In the center of the Flower Fields.
Honeyshield — At the northern wall of the Flower Fields.
Queen’s Soul — At the southern wall of the fields right next to Queen Bee.

Slime King’s Chest Locations

Barrage — Behind the tree at the northern part of the Slime King’s Forest.
King’s Crown — At the eastern wall of the Slime King’s Forest.
Slime Jar — In the southeastern corner of the forest.
Self Heal Scroll — In the southwestern corner of the forest.
Ignite Scroll — Right outside Cave 2, near the crates.

Punky Sky Chest Locations

Dark Burn Scroll — Across the bridge left of Arsenal shop at one of the large pillars.
Blood to Mana Scroll — Behind the last house left of Potion shop.

Snowy Caps Chest Locations

  • Ice Rose — Take a boat to Snowy Caps from the Punky Sky isle’s pierce. Search for a chest at the southern wall, right of the spawn boat.
  • Blizzard in a Bottle — At the bottom of the pillar holding the pierce of the spawn boat, one tier below.
  • Self Freeze — Across the bridge, another tier below.

Evergreen Chest Locations

  • Chaos Strike Scroll — Inside Cave 3, on the rocks in between the bridges. Use a few Haste potions to be able to get there.
  • Group Heal Scroll — Outside of Cave 3 at the right border wall.
  • Mana Scroll — At the northern border wall.

Forest Chest Locations

Virus — At the northern part of the Forest, next to Blubb’s Castle.
Mini Tree — At the eastern edge of the Forest, right across the bridge.
Gravity Islands — At the southeastern edge, on the upper platform, close to Skeleton King’s Tower.
Heart Fruit — In the center of the Forest.
Tiki Torch — At the southern edge of the forest, on the seashore.

The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

  • Soul Drain — Enter the Void in the eastern edge of the forest after reaching Level 100. Turn left outside the portal and use Haste potion on the ledge in order to reach a lone rock with the chest.

Heroes Cavern Chest Location (Level 125)

  • Soul in a Bottle — Enter the Heroes Cavern by jumping through a narrow hole at the center of the Slime King’s Forest once you reach Level 125. Search for a chest on the top pillar of a dark platform left of Arsenal shop, using a Moon potion.
  • Shadow Fruit — Keep moving southwards and search for a chest behind the final platform.

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