Critical Legends Classes Tier List 2022 & Updates

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I‘m happy to see you all.  Learn more in the following terms about the Critical Legends Classes Tier Listupgrades, and other crucial subjects Critical Legends Classes. Choose a class in the Roblox game Critical Legends before entering the action-packed setting. In Critical Legends, you may battle crazy bosses, unlock classes, and play the hero Critical Legends Classes Tier List. Don’t worry; I’ve ranked the game’s classes according to how effective they are. The Critical Legends Class Tier List, from S Tier to F Tier, is shown here.

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Critical Legends Classes Tier List 2022

S TIER  The Best to use
A TIER  Very Strong to use well as S-Tier Choices.
B TIER  Good choice
C TIER  An Average choice, middle of the pack neither good nor bad.

According to how effective each class is, we’ve compiled a list of them. The Critical Legends Class Tier List, from S Tier to F Tier, is shown here.

S-Tier List

(Critical Legends Classes Tier List)




 Book of Wish
 Chaotic Defender
 Hands of Hope
 Immortal Sword
 King Slime
 Reality Breaker
 Shotgun of Imagination
 Timer Warden
 Void King
 Void Scythe
Star Slayer

A-Tier List

(Critical Legends Classes Tier List)




 Awakened Dragon Brawler
 Bandite Guns
 Blue Slime
 Fire and Ice
 Golden Bow
 Heart Shield
 Holy Sword
 Martial Artist T2
 Martial Artists
 Nature’s Staff
 Solar Eclipse Great Sword

B-Tier List

(Critical Legends Classes Tier List)






 Apple Tree
 Dragon Brawler
 Dual Guns
 Flame Shield
 Hex Staff
 Master Programmer
 Powerful Spellbook
 Priest Staff
 Purple Slime
 Solar Great Sword
 Valkyrie Over Heaven
 Venom Dagger
 Venom Katana
 Void Katana
 Void Tiki
Ocean’s Blade

C-Tier List

(Critical Legends Classes Tier List)






 Apprentice Staff
 Great Sword
 Green Slime
 Hunter’s Marksman
 Staff of Healing
 Starter Shield
 Valkyrie Spear
Combo Sword

Critical Legends Class Tier List

Critical Legends Classes Item

Vampire Spirit Obtainable in Spirit Forest from the chest beside the Katana Statue.
20 – Damage
75 – Mana
5 – Speed

10 – Magic

25 – Health

Cring Eye obtained at the Great Sword Statue from the chest hidden behind the tree.
250 – Mana
10 – Magic
Vampire Knives obtained from the chest in the cave’s direction of the statue of the scythe
Stats :
Steal 5% HP of your max damage
Luna Knife – obtained at Luna Statue from the chest hidden behind the tree.
Stats :
25 – Magic
10 – Crit
10 – Defense
100 – Mana
10 – Speed
Solar Greatsword knifeObtained at the Solar Great sword Statue from the chest behind the tree.
20 – Damage
10 – Crit
5 – Defense
50% – Burn Chance

Critical Legends Sword

S TIER  The Best Sword to use in Elden Ring.
A TIER  Very Strong Sword, with select, builds just as good as S-Tier Choices.
B TIER  Good choice and can be viable when used with the right Builds.
C TIER  An Average choice, middle of the pack neither good nor bad.
Tier S
Combo Sword 
Description It’s a beginner’s sword. and the Swordman’s Statue is where you may get it.
Abilities One extra combination is added each time you strike an orb, increasing your damage. Touching the ground will end your combo.
Tier A
Description a better weapon. Obtained by using the Tier 2 core of Combo Sword Sword Tier 1.
Every time you hit an orb, one more combination is added, increasing your damage.  Your combo will be over if you touch the ground.  In comparison to Tier 1, this gives you a bigger damage boost and higher bounce height.
Tier B
Ocean’s Blade 
an aquatic sword. Can be acquired by using Ocean’s Eye on Longsword
Every time you hit an orb, one more combination is added, increasing your damage.  Your combo will be over if you touch the ground. Unique sea orbs may be produced during an attack; hitting one enhances damage. Notably, this will result in a lower rise in damage and bounce height for tier 2.
Tier C
Star Slayer
as a gift from the Challenger, stars.  Obtained by combining Star Fragment with Ocean’s Blade | Sword Tier 3.
Striking a sword orb will result in melee damage and one star, just like in every other evolution.   After striking a star orb, all of your stars will become DMG and DMG Boost for 10 seconds (1 Star = 50% DMG and 17.5 percent DMG Boost).  The maximum is 5, and Star functions similarly to Charge.

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