Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide 2022

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Everyone is invited to join us here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial issues by reading the following sentences: Cookie Alliance Teams is a seasonal game mode in which your objective is to organize a massive army of cookies in order to stop the danger from monsters.

About the Game and Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6

Stage 10-31 (Story) of World Exploration must be completed to unlock. Create five best CRK teams of five cookies each, for a total of 25 cookies. To play in this mode, you can use Alliance Tickets; the Tickets will restock over time. Your Alliance Tickets will remain valid after the first season ends and you may still use them. The Cookie Alliance’s maps, opponents, and regulations might vary with each new season.

Cookie Alliance Teams

Cookie Alliance Battles

Each combat with the Cookie Alliance is broken up into multiple chapters where you must fend off advancing waves of foes.
You will begin the game with your first team and play until your fifth team is victorious. The battles are automated, but after a cooling time, you can manually swap teams. When you change teams, the new team immediately replaces the previous one in the combat.
The following team will join the battlefield and continue the combat once the first team is defeated.
You can pause the combat, leave it, then return to where you left off.
You will come across unique buffs and debuffs in Cookie Alliance, like increased HP and decreased healing received, among others.
These results might alter in the following Seasons.

Beacon of Valor

In Cookie Alliance, there is a unique feature called the Beacon of Valor that bestows unique benefits.
You can use Coins to trigger one of the Beacon of Valor’s two types of effects.
Buff 1: Any Cookies in the Cookie Alliance now have levels of Lv. 60, and all Cookies with levels of Lv. 59 or below will begin with basic stats that are equal to those of Lv. 60.
Buff 2: Switch to Blast Mode, which lasts for whatever length you have Lv.60 Cookies (the number of Cookies you actually upgraded to Lv.60 will be taken into account).

Points & Rewards

You will score points in Cookie Alliance based on how far you get in a wave, how many monsters you kill, and how long you play.
When the combat is over, your season score will update to reflect the number of points gained.
When combat is over, you can access a prize chest; the higher the level, the better the award.
You will enter the individual and guild rankings based on your performance in Cookie Alliance, and incentives will be available based on your ranking tier.
To have your individual score applied to the guild’s overall score, join the guild. Please be aware that if you quit the guild, this score will be subtracted from the overall guild score.

Sorbet Front Bait Team

Sorbet Shark Cookie
Sea Fairy Cookies
Licorice Cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie
Parfait Cookie
Treasure Old pilgrim scroll
Squishy Jelly Watch
Suger Swan Shining Feather

Best Cookie Alliance Season 6 Team  – I

Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide

Best Cookie Alliance Season 6 Team  – II

Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide

Best Cookie Alliance Season 6 Team  – III

Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide

Best Cookie Alliance Season 6 Team – IV.

Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide

Best Cookie Alliance Season 6 Team – V

Cookie Alliance Teams Season 6 Guide

This Cookie Run Kingdom Arena Team is incredibly good versus TL fraud, but it’s generally crap against anything else. You can entice TL scam teams to attack you for green defense walls if you hide Sorbet and Lico. Pumpkin Pie has the upper hand.

Common Rarity Cookies get a 140.0% HP increase
While this isn’t that helpful to intermediate players, this can be good for new players who don’t have a lot of cookies unlocked yet and have to use common cookies to fill up their Alliance slots. Keep in mind that this buff also works for cookie bosses, with the most notable one being the very tanky Muscle Cookie, which is found in the middle waves.

Magic Class Cookies get an 8.0% ATK increase
This addition makes magic attackers like Frost Queen Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, and Latte Cookie a lot more powerful. This is a high buff, so be sure to have them on your team.

Extra DMG to stunned targets equal to 2.0% of their HP
This is a very helpful buff, especially if you have numerous cookies that can stun your team. Examples of these include Cotton Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Wildberry Cookie. However, this can also be a disadvantage, especially in Wave 29, since the Tiger Lily Boss stuns your team frequently, making you lose health rapidly.

Latest Update – New Mode: Cookie Alliance

Cookie Alliance is a seasonal game mode where your goal is to mobilize a great cookie army to avert the monster threat.
– Clear World Exploration’s Stage 10-31 (Story) to unlock.
– Set up five teams of five Cookies: 25 Cookies total.
– Use Alliance Tickets to play in this mode: The tickets will refill with time.

Your Alliance Tickets will not disappear with the end of the first season, and you will be able to use them later.
– Maps, enemies, and rules might change with each following season of Cookie Alliance.

Cookie Alliance Battles
– Each Cookie Alliance battle is divided into several chapters where you have to oppose oncoming waves of enemies.
– You will start playing with your first team and will continue fighting until your fifth team is defeated. The battles are automatic, but you can switch the team manually after a cooldown period. Once you switch a team, the new team will take the place of the current team in the battle immediately.
– Once a team gets defeated, the next team will enter the battlefield and continue fighting.
– You may pause and exit the battle and pick it up again where you left it.
– In Cookie Alliance, you will encounter special buffs and debuffs such as Increased HP, Decreased Healing Received, etc.
– These effects might change in the following seasons.

Valorous Beacon

In Cookie Alliance, the Beacon of Valor is a unique feature that gives extraordinary boosts. You can use Coins to activate two different types of Beacon of Valor effects.

Buff 1: In Cookie Alliance, all Cookies’ levels are increased to Lv.60; all Cookies of Lv.59 and lower will start with basic stats similar to those of Lv.60.
Buff 2: Enter Blast Mode, the duration of which is determined by the quantity of Lv.60 Cookies you have (the number of Cookies you actually upgraded to Lv.60 will be taken into account).

You will gain 7 days of the Beacon of Valor after completing the tutorial on your first play in Cookie Alliance.

To enjoy the perks of the Beacon of Valor, make sure to activate it before using Alliance Tickets to start a battle.
The effect of the Beacon of Valor will last as long as it is functioning, regardless of the season.

Cookie Run: Kingdom: Debuffs in Alliance Season 6

Waves 1 to 4: No debuffs

These are the “easy” parts of Alliance. They don’t apply debuffs to your team, and you can get through these waves with no problem.

Waves 5 to 8: Cookie ATK Speed decreased by 20%

You can probably get by with using your main team for the entirety of the 4 waves since this is one of the less noticeable debuffs. A good thing to remember is that Speed Teams would be less effective in this section since Speed Teams rely on a high ATK Speed for more power.

Waves 9 to 12: Cookie ATK decreased by 15%

Your ATK is significantly decreased here, so it’s good to have as much ATK as you can. Cookies that will help you get better ATK include Pomegranate Cookie (30% ATK boost, also heals your team), Mango Cookie (10% ATK boost, also deals AOE damage to enemies), and Cherry Blossom Cookie (provides a higher ATK boost the more enemies there are in the field).

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 6

Waves 13 to 16: Cookie ATK decreased by 20%

A similar debuff to Waves 9 to 12. See the above for tips on how to counter it. Good treasures for this section include Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Grim-looking Scythe.

Waves 16 to 20: Enemy ATK speed increased by 20%

This is one of the less noticeable debuffs, so your main team can sail smoothly for these 4 waves.

Waves 20 to 24: Cookie DEF decreased by 40%

If you’re having trouble, Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn might be helpful for you. It significantly increases your cookies DEF stat, helping you counter the debuff for this section. Another way to counter this is to have better DMG Resist sub stats on your cookies’ toppings.

Waves 25 to 28: Cookies are restricted from using HP Shields

Unfortunately, Pure Vanilla Cookie and Eclair Cookie are slightly nerfed in this section. Make sure your cookies are being healed sufficiently. It’s best to have a fast cooldown on your healers so they can keep supporting your team even in this tough section.

Waves 29 to 32: Cookie ATK decreased by 25%

While Waves 9 to 16 had an ATK decrease debuff, these last few waves feature significantly harder enemies, particularly Tiger Lily Cookie on Wave 29. Eclair Cookie is also good for his Weakness Debuff, which makes enemies take 25% more damage. Try to stack this debuff on the enemies as many times as you can. Another tip is to use Sorbet Shark for cookie bosses, since their skill is guaranteed to take away a percentage of a cookie’s HP, instead of relying on their ATK stat.

Battles of Cookie Alliance

Each Cookie Alliance combat is broken down into multiple chapters in which you must fight against waves of attackers.

You’ll begin by fighting with your first team and keep going until your fifth team is vanquished. The battles are automatic, but after a cooling period, you can manually swap teams. When you swap teams, the new team will automatically replace the current team in combat.

After a team has been vanquished, the next team will enter the battlefield and fight.
You can pause and exit the battle, then resume it where you left off.
You’ll come across various buffs and debuffs in Cookie Alliance, such as Increased HP, Reduced Healing Received, and so on. In the coming seasons, these consequences may shift.

Rewards and Points in Cookie Alliance

In Cookie Alliance, you’ll get points according to how far you get through each wave with your Cookie Alliance Team season 6, how many creatures you fight, and how much time you spend playing. After the combat, the number of points won will be recorded in your season score. Following the conclusion of a battle, you will be able to open a reward chest; the higher the reward, the better.

Best Cookie Alliance Team Guide, Tips & Rewards

Best Cookie Alliance Team Guide, Tips & Rewards

A special award is given when you complete 60 waves of an Alliance season for the first time. Players receive 30,000 crystals (enough for 100 Cookie Gacha pulls), a unique Tea Knight costume (which isn’t available anywhere else and won’t be featured in the Costume Gacha), and a unique profile photo. This profile icon can be used to flaunt to your pals.

You will be included in the Individual and Guild Rankings based on your Cookie Alliance score, and you will be eligible for awards based on your ranking tier. To have your personal score applied to the guild’s overall score, join a guild. If you leave this score blank, it will be subtracted from the guild’s total score.

This concludes the guide for Cookie Alliance Team season 6 & Best CRK Teams.

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