Best Rush Royale Arena 8 Deck (Watchman) PvP Cards

By Shoaib karni •  Updated: 03/28/22

Hi There, today I will show you the best Rush Royale Arena 8 Deck. As you go through Rush Royale’s awards, you’ll unlock new arenas and new cards. Many of the game’s greatest decks incorporate cards that aren’t available until higher Arenas. So, in Rush Royale, which deck should you choose for each Arena? We’ll go through each one in detail afterward. Let’s tune into the article.

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The Rush Royale Card List can be found here, and it contains a list of all the cards available in the game. In rush royale, there are 45 cards. Also, there are four card rarities: common cards, uncommon cards, epic cards, and legendary cards.

Thunder and Inquisitor, in my view, are the most powerful cards in Rush Royale PVP mode. Thunder is a card that can be found in almost any rush Royale deck.

best rush royal arena 8 deck code

Rush Royale Arena 8 Deck(Watchman)

You’ve now unlocked another inexpensive Boreas – Wind Archer – if you haven’t been able to find one so far. You’ll also have access to Dryad, an extremely potent PVP card. The other two new cards are Zealot and Demon Hunter, which are wonderful for various CO-OP decks but don’t exactly fit into the current PVP meta.

  • Engineer, Dryad, Grindstone OR Chemist, Cold Mage, Vampire
  • Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex, Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier, Vampire

An engineer can be used again if you want to switch things up and run anything other than Arena 7 and use that Dryad.

This concludes the Rush Royale Arena 8 Deck Guide for Watchman Deck. I hope you found it useful!

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