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Men, good morning! This page contains Avakin Life Codes, upgrades, and some important information. Find countless ways to be you. Enter a virtual world filled with limitless chances, a closet full of the newest styles, your ideal house in any location you can imagine, and fresh adventures, parties, and events taking place every day.

This is YOUR life, so live it as you see fit. a setting where personal expression is unrestricted. a virtual environment that links individuals from all over the world. Don’t wait to discover endless possibilities to be yourself!

About the Game and Avakin Life Codes

Game Features

Make an avatar that is as distinct as “YOU”
• Choose your personal brand. A picture of reality or the stuff of your greatest dreams?
• Create a unique appearance for yourself by selecting from hundreds of hair, makeup, and face characteristics.
• Use animations to show off your personality. You select whether to walk like a zombie or swagger like a model.

Establish your “style.”
• Weekly fashion drops help you stay on top of trends.
• With 30k+ fashion products, you may design a style that suits you no matter the occasion or your aesthetic.
• Turn heads with eye-catching accessories, such as adorable hats and stunning wings.
• Make a statement with unconventional clothing, dress to impress in red carpet glitz, or style with attitude in streetwear fits. Try new things to find your distinct style!

Make your ideal house – House of your dreams is waiting to be found whether it is on a tropical island or a penthouse in a metropolis.
• Vamp lair or Scandinavian chic? – Decorate with themed furniture selections to suit your interests.
• Whether it’s a cuddly corgi or a powerful dragon, should you build a house for your pet?
• Throw parties for all of your friends or plan the ideal evening at home. 
Your territory, your laws!

Make your ideal house.
•The house of your dreams is waiting to be found, whether it be on a tropical island or a penthouse in a metropolis.

Vamp lair or Scandinavian chic? 
• Decorate with themed furniture selections to suit your interests.
• Whether it’s a cuddly corgi or a powerful dragon, should you build a house for your pet?
• Throw parties for all of your friends or plan the ideal evening at home. 
Your territory, your laws!

Obtain new “friends.”
• Hang out and talk to new people in countless great places, whether you’d prefer to go on a cottagecore picnic or spend Saturday night at the rock club.
• In our friendly community, you may find your online family and build enduring connections.

Enter the “community.”
• Participate in the Fashion Contest, where you may win prizes.
• Take part in weekly activities with your friends and get special prizes.
• Attend events at clubs, live music venues, and parties every night.
• Produce images and films and show off your artistic side to other Avakins.

Start your “journey” now.
• Unrestricted exploration. Visit space, take a road journey across America, or unwind in the Amazon rainforest.
• Explore vast settings while playing role-playing games, with countless clothing and animation possibilities.
• Participate in compelling stories. Join the group to solve puzzles and accomplish missions to get special prizes.

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Tap-Tap Rating – 8.2 out of 10 Star

Active Avakin Life Codes List

Although Avakin Life’s codes might be difficult, they are a crucial part of the game. You must master the use of hackers if you want to progress in your game and have nonstop fun. When playing games on our own terms, we all utilize cheating to minimize distractions—not because we want to breach the rules or do harm to other players.

Avakin Life Codes

  • 4f38-a36f-639d-ac7b – claim yours *5000 available, Valid until August 1st.
  • FUN IN THE SUN – claim yours *10000 available, Valid until September 1st.
  • I LOVE AVAKIN SUMMER – claim yours *10000 available, Valid until September 1st.
  • MCELL2016AVA102

Active Avakin Life Cheat Codes List

  • Chatting- You get 10 EXPs once a comment and can repeat up to about 20 times.
  • Collect diamonds from your own apartment- Collect 10 diamonds per apartment and you will get 20 EXP each if you collect them all.
  • Buy food or drinks at work.- The amount of EXP earned depends on the menu purchased.
  • Become a Waiter at Work.- You will get 10 EXP for each menu sold.
  • Take care of Petkin- You will get 50 EXP every time you treat and the total you can get in one day is 100 EXP.
  • Give Another People’s Apartment Ratings.
  • Diving into a swimming pool or lake.- You will get 15 EXP a day.
  • Take Photos- You will get 15 EXP a day.
  • Invite Friends to your Apartment.- You will get 20 EXP for each friend who visits.
  • Buy Clothes, Animations, Furniture, Petkin and Apartments in stores- You can buy something at the store to get EXP.
  • Rate your Home to get Avacoins- In Avakin Life, you build and live in a house that you are then able to rank.
  • Select the High Paid Jobs
  • Create an Amazing Look
  • Get Married at Herington Hall

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How to use New Avakin Life Codes?

To redeem codes in Avakin Life Code, follow these steps:

Here is everything you need to know about Codes: Avakin Life used to run promotions for their game by giving out codes. These Avakin Lives redeem codes could be used to get free items that were unavailable otherwise. Unfortunately, due to problems, Avakin Life was forced to remove the Promo Codes in August  2016. It is unknown if Avakin Life will ever bring back promo codes. If they Do bring back codes, here is how you can find them.

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

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