Ant Legion Codes & Updates

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Greetings, gentlemen! Please keep reading for Ant Legion Codes, updates, and other information. It’s a wide world out there for the tiny ants! However, with the correct selections, your swarm may take over someone’s garden!

About the Ant Legion Game and Codes

—— Swarm Building 101 ——

[Insights into the Ant World]
Licensed from well-known natural science photographic websites.
Thousands of high-resolution images of ants and their surroundings.
While playing the game, you will discover the mysteries of these small animals.

from the ground up]
Establish colonies and expand your primary nest!
Ants are the most skilled architects in nature.
complex network of tunnels connects the rooms!
[Promote the most powerful ants in your legion]
Collect various ants from across the world!
Hatch several ant species for your legions!
With your superior warriors, crush the opponent’s swarms!

[A battle for resources]
Gather water and food for your people!
Keep predators away from your nest!

[Create an alliance]
One for all, one for all!
Join forces with friendly swarms.
Ensure your survival by working together!

[A race to the final tree stump!]
Take command of your ant legions and lead them to victory!
Long live the queen and the swarm!


  • Version – 7.1.58
  • Updated on – 29-Jun-2022
  • Requires Android – 4.4 and up
  • Downloads – 1,000,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases – $0.99 – $99.99 per item
  • Interactive elements – Users interact
  • Released on – 06-May-2022
  • Offered by – 37GAMES

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Google Play Rating – 4.5 out of 5 star
  • App Store Rating – 3.8 out of 5 star

Active Ant Legion Codes list

Ant Legion are difficult to read, but they are also an important part of the game. It is essential to learn how to utilize hackers appropriately if you want to improve your game and enjoy every minute of it without interruption. We all cheat to prevent disruptions while gaming on our own terms, rather than breaking the rules or causing harm to others.

Ant Legion Codes

  • DC20K – Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Valid until April 30th, 2023) (New)
  • ant777 – Redeem this gift code for 200 Diamonds, 5-min Training Speed, 10 Snail EXP, 500 Snail Civil Pts, March Recall, and Random Relocate
  • New2022 – Redeem this gift code for 222 Diamonds, 500 Snail EXP, 2000 Snail Civil Pts, March Recall, Random Relocate, and 5-min Training Speed

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How to use New Ant Legion Codes?

If you’re not sure how to utilize Codes? It’s fairly simple! Just follow a few simple steps.

  1. Launch Ant Legion (For the Swarm).
  2. Tap on More (right bottom at the main screen)
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Box button (ant´s face) > Tap on it
  5. Copy and paste a code from our list or type the code
  6. Click on “ Confirm” and enjoy your freebies

What Should You Do If Your Codes Fail?

Please provide your opinions in the comments section.

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