7 Billion Zombies Codes 2022 & Update

By Sapna Sehrawat •  Updated: 10/23/21

Salutations, gentlemen! Please keep reading to find out more about 7 Billion Zombies Codes, updates, and other topics. Commander –The entire globe is infested by zombies.
Command the world’s most powerful team,
who members had unusual reactions to the infection in order to wipe out zombies all around the world

About the Game and 7 Billion Zombies Codes

▣ Special Launch Event ▣ 
▶ Event: 210x Open –
Simply log up and play the Arena 5 times every day!
57,000 diamonds worth hundreds of thousands of dollars
Take Advantage of This Opportunity!

1st Week: [Gear Box Ticket] x10 every day = 70 in total
2nd Week: [Consumables Box Ticket] x 10 every day = 70 in total
3rd Week: [Advanced Treasure Box Key Card] x 10 every day = 70 in total

▣ Event: Special Aid for New Commanders ▣
Advance the tale and receive a large amount of free cash FREE VIP Pass Growth Fund!
Log in to receive a large amount of free Gold! FREE Gold Supply Ticket for 30 Days!
Go idle and develop quickly! FREE 2-for-1 Battle Speed Ticket for 30 Days!
Check your attendance and you may win a lot of money! Obtain a FREE 30-Day Cash Supply Ticket!

▣ Game Introduction ▣
▶Exceptional AFK idle RPG game
Relax both your hands and your thoughts! Enjoy cool and fashionable fights!
▶Every day, you will be shown new strategies in PvP
Make every effort to lead your squad to the top level in the globe!
▶Continuous expansion and competition
Develop your squad to be the finest in the world and take on the biggest stage!
▶World Boss that expands with users
Defeat the infinitely increasing World Boss with people from all around the world to get your big prize!

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Google Play Rating – 4.0 out of 5 Satr
  • App Store Rating – 3.7 out of 5 Star

Active 7 Billion Zombies Codes List

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7 Billion Zombies is available

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